Inside the Bottle: Distilled: 1970 Bottled: 2017

Inside the Bottle… or my thoughts, the what’s inside me. You know the drill.

Well now that was 2017 (okay, nearly, but not quite)…

So how can I encapsulate the year in one word? Enlightening.

I have already written a blog about this year Inside the Bottle: A Year of Smiles (and Whisky) however this is more of reflection of the other things…

Read on if you will, if not, see you in 2018…

I have learnt a lot about myself and others this year. On a “not disclosing owt level”, there are a number of people that have really opened my eyes… some in a good way and some in an “are you for real?” way.

Those that have done it in a good way, I applaud you, for you are the ones that make life the fun rich journey it should be…  nuff said.

I do feel that kindness and rubbing along nicely with people should be the way of life. *Deleted text is below.

I have learned to speak my thoughts, or perhaps to allow them to come out…

I have actually learnt to bite my tongue too 😉

I have discovered (been given at festivals etc.) some wonderful whiskies to try and this has been a delicious experience, to name but a few:

Claxton’s – Glenrothes 19 years old

Murray McDavid – Mission Gold Mortlach 1994 – 21 years old

Douglas Laing XOP Aultmore 1990 – 25 years old

Auchentoshan (a few)

Glen Moray 1994 Sherry Cask Finish

GlenDronach (a few)

Etc. etc… and I really need to lay my hands on some of the above.

I’m looking forward to a whisky / whisky fudge, fun filled year. You up for it?

So what more is there to say than this, I look forward to 2018 with a smile and open arms.

Image result for be yourself be happy smile

Or just people who make you smile.

Thanks for this year, love Sarah x

*The bit I cut from above 

Sadly though this is not always the case…sometimes it can return too late to make a difference.

Things change, people change. Change changes people.

Birmingham Whisky Festival

I was dreaming I was flying…

In actual fact I was flying. Flying down from the frozen North. Between snoozing, I was gazing down at the snow dusted mountains and villages across the UK.

Yes I (little Miss Spontaneous) had decided to squeeze in one last festival this year…well you would, wouldn’t you?

So, here I was in Birmingham for the festival. I had a little wander round Birmingham beforehand (to refresh my bearings.)

A little note of big thanks to Eddie and Vicky…you know why, and it was appreciated.

One of the first people I bumped into was Sorren (ocdwhisky) and then I think Mr. Boutique-y Whisky himself Dave. Had a nice chat with Jason (B Standing) and well there were a lot of familiar and friendly faces there, it was a whisky festival after all!

Hugs and greetings given it was nearly kick off time. So what was the first dram to be?

I decided to pop along to the Paul John stand to say hello to Shilton,  and I was very lucky to have been offered a sample of the new Kanya by Paul John which should be available in the New Year… Kanya believe it? I could and luckily other’s got to sample it too.


I then decided to go for a wander round the hall… I have to say it was a bit of a shock seeing Sorren (#SOS – see Twitter) on the Diageo stand, but he was at home with Colin Dunn (lovely, funny man) and they were very busy…and I had a nice couple of samples poured for me at the Talisker…or should I say Diageo stand. I tried the Blair Atholl 23 year old and much later the Pittyvaich.


I went and said hello to David and his lovely wife Wendy from whiskeytumblers…if you’ve never seen what they do, then why wait? They’ve also got a “snifter” now.


I tried the Kilchoman Red Wine Cask matured which was nice. Then basically it was weaving in and out and sampling lots of other delicious whiskies.

Andy Purslow was amusing as ever and poured the Treacle Chest for me and later the Vanilla Burst and a couple of others too.

I also met Amy Seton and had a catch up…exciting times ahead for her.

I appear to have taken up residency at one of the small silver tables…the bloggers table 🙂 always a good spot to gather ones thoughts and take pics of what you’re drinking. And to stand and take in the delcious nose of a tasty dram and just smile…

Properly met the lovely Vicky Osgood who I’d very briefly met at the Whisky Exchange show in London.

Anyway it was mostly drinking whisky…you’re shocked. I can tell! 😂😂 but also meeting some new friends and making new ones.

And I hope those that got some of my delicious fudge enjoy it, and it’s not too long before “nom nom…it’s all gone!!”


So…till next year.

Big hugs, Sarah x x

Sweet something’s…

Well things might become a little bit more exciting on the fudge front very soon, and all I can say is “watch this space”.

And you know what? I think it’s brilliant. It’s making me smile, and let’s face it, that’s not a bad thing.
From the humble “could I make that?”, through to my food handling and hygiene certificate, deciding on what packaging to use and all the the fun and interesting work in between. It’s giving me focus. The feedback is phenomenal and yes it really does make me happy!

So anyway. Just an update and I guess a huge and lovely thanks to those who have said they believe in me, because you have been there for the journey too.

Sarah x


Incredible Indies – The Dram Team

On Thursday 27th October I had the pleasure of partaking in another tweet tasting with The Dram Team. This was a superb collection five single malt whiskies and one single grain whisky from independent bottlers.

The whiskies were:

Single cask 10 year old Girvan grain, rum finish, by Creative Whisky Company

I found the nose on this to be quite gentle with nice caramel and fruit.

The palate was lovely, oaky and fruity with a delicious toffee, I added a drop of water to it. The finish was nice and warm with a hint of spice and I liked this one.

Provenance – Fettercairn 10 year old by Douglas Laing

This had a fresh fragrant nose, it was like clean laundry hanging on the washing line, sweet and inviting. Lovely soft ripe fruit, and perhaps a hint of galia melon. I found the palate to be gentle and soft, sweet with some butterscotch or werthers original, and vanilla. I almost got a whiff of nail polish remover (but not in a bad way.)

The finish was sweet, it reminded me of sweetex (artificial sweetener), though it was a lasting finish.

Single cask, cask strength Craigellachie 12 year old by The Gleann Mor Spirits Company

A peppery nose with rich fruits and spices, it struck me as quite bold. The palate was thick cream, dark chocolate. I found this spicy and warming. It packed a bit of a punch but gently apologised for it. I also got a little leather, and the smell of an old empty tin of St. Bruno.

Hoebeg Islay single malt by Robert Graham

The cooling embers of a dying bonfire…quite a bold nose, again I was getting some wood. I got a hint of TCP just wafting through. The scent was reminiscent of and old medicine box. The palate was again wood, freshly turned earth and charcoal. This had a nice finish to it once the smoke died a little.

Tobermory 21 year old cask strength by That Boutique-y Whisky Company

What can I say? Have tried a couple of their whiskies, so I was intrigued to see what this would bring. I was getting cocoa butter and milky bar on the nose, and it smelled so good I just had to have a sip. Warm spices and chocolate greeted my taste buds, this had a lovely finish. It was warming, and oaky – I described it like someone cupping your cheeks whilst giving you a gentle kiss.

Mortlach 21 year old by Murray McDavid

I started this with “Oh, hello…” the nose was simply delightful. It was beautifully rich and welcoming, with honey and cream saying “sip me”. How could I refuse? I found it alluring, I had a slight sandalwood feel about it. I felt if I savoured it then it would be gone all too soon. But yes, this hit the spot. It had a subtle tease of smoke, and the finish was delicious. I actually found myself a little lost for words on this. It took me somewhere nice, and I didn’t want to come back.

I would absolutely love a bottle of this.

And then the tasting drew to a close, another wonderful evening with lovely company.