Glenfarclas The Legend of Speyside “Passion”

Glenfarclas The Legend of Speyside Passion 46% vol.

This was produced for the German market.

The nose offers a lot of caramel, vanilla and sweetness…this hand in hand with spice. It’s fragrant with cinnamon. There’s a slight herbal note too.

It’s quite thin on the palate. Plenty of spices just warming the throat as you swallow… there are some lovely  oak flavours and it’s ever so slightly tart.

Still suggestions of vanilla on the tongue. Just feels a tad too weak. The finish gives the warmth of the spices and the woody flavours remain. Quite a short finish though.

Glenfarclas 29 Year Old 1986 Family Collector Series 7

Tonight I’m trying one of the bottles from my advent calendar. I was kinda busy so didn’t do them all in December.

This is a 29 year old from refill sherry casks. From the Family Collector Series 7, this was distilled in 1986, and it’s 53.8% vol.

On the nose:

Initially there was the feint scent of struck matches. Ever so fleetingly.

Lots of fruit, sticky & rich…with spices prickling at the senses. A slight hint of ginger. Sweet vanilla and demerara sugar. Maybe the slightest wisp of menthol… after letting it open there’s a little maraschino cherry, and old cigar boxes.

Palate is smooth and rich. It starts with those delicious fruits I had on the nose…lovely vanilla and dark chocolate giving a bitter bite. The spice is there with a touch of oak. It’s a comforting dram.

The finish is warm and delicious…fruit and a lingering soft sweetness.  I’ve really taken my time with this one.


Inside the Glenfarclas Advent Calendar: Day 15

Ah now…what have we here?

A Family Cask release which was distilled in 1977 in fourth fill hogsheads before being bottled January 2017 (this is from cask 8204) and it’s 43.9% vol.

First thought was, oh heck I was probably all pig tails and white knee length socks when this was distilled.


Okay, I’ve sat nosing this for ages. This has a nice rich nose. Christmas cake, stewed fruits and lovely feint hints of worn leather. Sticky dark fruits and sugar. Rich vanilla.

The palate is smooth but ooft…there’s spice and dark bitter sugar and more than a hint of oak. There’s not a lot of sweetness but it’s definitely warming.

The finish leaves you with more oaky flavours and a little sweetness. A slight waxiness…think snuffing a candle!

Inside the Glenfarclas Advent Calendar: Day 14

December the 14th and the door was opened to reveal the 25 year old – 43% vol.

On the nose, there’s a hint of menthol initially. It’s got a whack of malt biscuits. Very very gentle on the spice though. The palate though is spicy, and at the start there’s a punch of flavour that then wanes a little. It’s smooth with some spice and it’s sweet.

Some warmth on the finish with coffee bitterness and oak.

Inside the Glenfarclas Advent Calendar: Day 13

Day 13 gave me the 2000 Premium Edition (bottled in 2015) and this is 46% vol. this was aged in Oloroso casks and this too was produced for European markets.

The nose has well, the tell tale sherry notes. But not the huge grab you by the cheeks and give you a big kiss sort… more of an air kiss to be fair. There’s a really tangy hint of orange. And an acetone note, with some vanilla interspersed within it.

The palate gives more than the nose suggests with spice and heat from the off. Vanilla and bitter chocolate notes. Feels quite thin on the palate with some flavours of oak.

Warming on the finish with a slight waxiness.

Inside the Glenfarclas Advent Calendar: Day 12

Time to play catch up… I’ve been a busy bee 🐝

Day 12 was the Glenfarclas Heritage which is 40% vol. and that’s all I know for now.

The nose is quite fresh. A touch of caramel and vanilla and a nip of orange freshness too. Maybe some milk chocolate buttons also. The palate delivers a smoothness coupled with vanilla and warming spices. There’s also a pinch of cinnamon. It’s a little bit peppery.

Oak dryness on the finish.

I believe this was produced for the overseas markets. It’s also NAS and it certainly comes across as being on the younger side.

Inside the Glenfarclas Advent Calendar: Day 11

December 11th and another Glenfarclas dram for me 🙂

Today’s dram is one of the cask strength premium editions which was distilled in 2004 and bottled in 2015 and it’s 59.8% vol. I believe this was originally released for the German market.

Ooh did someone order Christmas cake? Fruitilicious baby! And chocolate from an advent calendar too…there’s a slight little mustiness that also gives allspice and the merest hints of orange rind.

Quite a powerful first sip, but of course this is cask strength and it shows. It’s a bit of a sherry tease. The spice is apparent and so is the orange. It’s sweet from the rich fruits I noticed on the nose and there’s a lovely flavour of oak too.

Warming fruity finish with oak and milk chocolate sweetness just levelled by the spice. And some malty notes too.