Flipping Heck it’s Fudge Time!!


Happy New Year…

I think its time to get fudging for 2018, I will be making fudge on Sunday 21st January, so if you would like some in time for Burns Night (I will post it Monday 22nd), you know what to do… any new customers, please note I can only sell in the UK and EU and please make allowances for postage should you live overseas.

The whiskies will be:

Aberlour A’bunadh – Batch 61

GlenDronach Cask Strength – Batch 5

Caol Ila – 12 Year Old

Important Information

INGREDIENTS: Golden Caster Sugar, Sweetened Condensed Milk (Whole Milk and Sugar), Butter (from Milk and Salt) Whisky

For Allergens see ingredients in bold

The freshly made fudge has a shelf life of 3 weeks… but believe me it won’t take that long before I hear you say “nom nom…it’s all gone!!”….

Boxes are £5.50 per 200g box, plus p+p (normally £3.90 up to two boxes…I will let you know the cost directly should you order more.)

Order Form: https://goo.gl/forms/9u8OkoHkNZAyAKZH3


Inside the Bottle: Thoughts

I guess this is kind of whisky related, in as much as I was pondering these thoughts below as I took myself for a walk on New Year’s Day.

I went and sat by the river and poured a Jura 21 year old, I raised my glass to absent friends and loved ones…(you know who I mean, the people who are there for you.)

And I sat and thought about all the little moments that made me smile the last couple of years…and I reckon we should all make time to sit and reflect on the good that still exists out there.

Anyway. Earlier today I posted this elsewhere and I thought I’d share it here too (though in both cases with some slight trepidation.)

This whisky journey I’ve dipped my toes in and the people I have met, well it can be a lovely community to be a part of…and my thoughts kind of resonate with me and this small part of my life…

I’m grateful for so many things…

A bird tweeting its little heart out (whatever time of year), proves that life is good and goes on.

A stranger returning the smile you gave them, it shows that kindness prevails.

A friendly hand on your shoulder, gives reassurance to you.

A hug to know you’re cared for, missed or a welcome sight…

A message that means you’re thought of, in that one moment or throughout the day.

To be grateful for things that cost nothing and can mean so much is a beautiful thing. We can all appreciate that.

Saying thank you. Holding a door open for someone. Offering a listening ear. Opening bottles for people.. Just being there for someone.

I used to be a serial apologiser…sorry this. Sorry that. And that’s not right either. Be truly sorry if you cause hurt, as apologies should be a request for forgiveness…

I’m thankful for friendship, I’m thankful for the support I receive and the listening ears that allow me to work out the things I feel I cannot change (easily.) Or that allow me to flourish and open.

I don’t expect solutions. Just an “I hear you”, and “I’m there for you”… “can I help you?” I do the same. We are all in this together.

I’ve been knocked for my “deep thoughts” and I’ve been ignored or berated for my feelings… but if we do not think or feel, then we are not human.

Compassion. Empathy. Understanding. Love. Being caring. These are important.

We need to check how we speak to others. We need to speak kindly or just not bother. Why cause hurt? Why not spread love and good feelings?

They say sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never harm us.

Sadly it’s all too easy to allow them to….and you can go into free-fall when anger or angry words are staring you in the face or are spoken again. So you quiet yourself and you retreat to a place of hopes and dreams.

Then you start to awaken to new ideas…

You begin walking another path. Your thoughts turn to gratitude and thankfulness and appreciation. It might have started as a distraction, but it can give you so much more. You understand that you’re grateful for the bed in which you sleep as it allows you to rest. The clean water you take for granted is the water of life (and whisky) etc. etc…(as examples.) The people you hold dear and allow you to be the real you are suddenly right there in front of you.

And those that caused hurt disappear as if a figure walking into fog… they’re gone.

We all, each one of us have problems and fears.

We each have our ways of dealing with them…

We also have hopes and dreams.

Just do it with friends.

Glenfarclas The Legend of Speyside “Passion”

Glenfarclas The Legend of Speyside Passion 46% vol.

This was produced for the German market.

The nose offers a lot of caramel, vanilla and sweetness…this hand in hand with spice. It’s fragrant with cinnamon. There’s a slight herbal note too.

It’s quite thin on the palate. Plenty of spices just warming the throat as you swallow… there are some lovely  oak flavours and it’s ever so slightly tart.

Still suggestions of vanilla on the tongue. Just feels a tad too weak. The finish gives the warmth of the spices and the woody flavours remain. Quite a short finish though.

Glenfarclas 29 Year Old 1986 Family Collector Series 7

Tonight I’m trying one of the bottles from my advent calendar. I was kinda busy so didn’t do them all in December.

This is a 29 year old from refill sherry casks. From the Family Collector Series 7, this was distilled in 1986, and it’s 53.8% vol.

On the nose:

Initially there was the feint scent of struck matches. Ever so fleetingly.

Lots of fruit, sticky & rich…with spices prickling at the senses. A slight hint of ginger. Sweet vanilla and demerara sugar. Maybe the slightest wisp of menthol… after letting it open there’s a little maraschino cherry, and old cigar boxes.

Palate is smooth and rich. It starts with those delicious fruits I had on the nose…lovely vanilla and dark chocolate giving a bitter bite. The spice is there with a touch of oak. It’s a comforting dram.

The finish is warm and delicious…fruit and a lingering soft sweetness.  I’ve really taken my time with this one.


The Last Day of the Year

Well here it is, the last day of the year. What a year… And I’ve got to say, it’s been a good ‘un. It’s been a whisky fuelled one, and I’m not talking consumption… though a few drops might have passed my lips…

From my first trip away in January (to York), right through to a busy December, it’s been a smile inducing year.

I’ve met lots of new people and I’ve had the opportunity to laugh with them. I’ve bitten the bullet at times, and I’ve conquered a bit of my shyness…(I’m sure we all have ooh heck moments in certain situations.)

Just gotta remember we all have that one passion…whisky.

Whether you are fortunate enough to work in the industry or are just a humble bystander (like me), the common denominator is whisky.

I think what I’m saying is “embrace the moments that make you shine & smile…” speak about your passion in whatever way feels right for you. Speak honestly and openly. Not all will agree, but someone somewhere will. We are all different, but in some situations the words just hit home…

Just be kind. Be down to earth. Be honest and open.

And feel free to buy some whisky fudge 😊🥃😋😘

And on that note…I’ll hush up.

Just a few thanks to the following for making 2017 a memorable year:

Dave W, Tom T, Jon, Adrian, Steve P, Steve R, Graham & Faye. The lovely Amanda and Eddie (TWL), and the hardworking Whisky Lounge posse (you know who you all are.) Jeanine, Jo, George K and Geordie. Billy Abbot, Colin Dunn (Colin; I hope we can catch up next year) and David Sinclair. Wim and Femke for reminding me of the Motherland (it’s a Dutch thang.) Sorren (ocdwhisky), Abbie & Chris (Cooper King.) Andy & Stu (TIMD.) Rob B. Percy. Oh and Elton too. Nichola & John. Martin and Anna. David & Wendy (WT.)

And new friends across the world too. Thank you.

And that’s a wrap… have a nice little something tonight, because there’s a New Year coming and it’s going to be a good one.


Sarah x x

Inside the Bottle: Distilled: 1970 Bottled: 2017

Inside the Bottle… or my thoughts, the what’s inside me. You know the drill.

Well now that was 2017 (okay, nearly, but not quite)…

So how can I encapsulate the year in one word? Enlightening.

I have already written a blog about this year Inside the Bottle: A Year of Smiles (and Whisky) however this is more of reflection of the other things…

Read on if you will, if not, see you in 2018…

I have learnt a lot about myself and others this year. On a “not disclosing owt level”, there are a number of people that have really opened my eyes… some in a good way and some in an “are you for real?” way.

Those that have done it in a good way, I applaud you, for you are the ones that make life the fun rich journey it should be…  nuff said.

I do feel that kindness and rubbing along nicely with people should be the way of life. *Deleted text is below.

I have learned to speak my thoughts, or perhaps to allow them to come out…

I have actually learnt to bite my tongue too 😉

I have discovered (been given at festivals etc.) some wonderful whiskies to try and this has been a delicious experience, to name but a few:

Claxton’s – Glenrothes 19 years old

Murray McDavid – Mission Gold Mortlach 1994 – 21 years old

Douglas Laing XOP Aultmore 1990 – 25 years old

Auchentoshan (a few)

Glen Moray 1994 Sherry Cask Finish

GlenDronach (a few)

Etc. etc… and I really need to lay my hands on some of the above.

I’m looking forward to a whisky / whisky fudge, fun filled year. You up for it?

So what more is there to say than this, I look forward to 2018 with a smile and open arms.

Image result for be yourself be happy smile

Or just people who make you smile.

Thanks for this year, love Sarah x

*The bit I cut from above 

Sadly though this is not always the case…sometimes it can return too late to make a difference.

Things change, people change. Change changes people.

Inside the Glenfarclas Advent Calendar: Day 15

Ah now…what have we here?

A Family Cask release which was distilled in 1977 in fourth fill hogsheads before being bottled January 2017 (this is from cask 8204) and it’s 43.9% vol.

First thought was, oh heck I was probably all pig tails and white knee length socks when this was distilled.


Okay, I’ve sat nosing this for ages. This has a nice rich nose. Christmas cake, stewed fruits and lovely feint hints of worn leather. Sticky dark fruits and sugar. Rich vanilla.

The palate is smooth but ooft…there’s spice and dark bitter sugar and more than a hint of oak. There’s not a lot of sweetness but it’s definitely warming.

The finish leaves you with more oaky flavours and a little sweetness. A slight waxiness…think snuffing a candle!