Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

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The Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery is located in Hunmanby, North Yorkshire. Looking at the map again I see that they aren’t that far from Scarborough, and definitely not far from where I was brought up on the coast of Smoggyland. An hour and a half to be precise. Definitely a coastline I’m familiar with.

For some details on the distillery, please look here: Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

The samples I am trying are:

Filey Bay Flagship – 46%vol.
Filey Bay Moscatel Finish – 46%vol.
Filey Bay STR Wine Cask Finish – 46%vol.

First up nosing the Flagship, lovely soft caramel & honey, I can just imagine the taste now. There’s a lovely citrus note too. It’s quite floral in a delicate way.

Lovely mouthfeel, that citrusy note comes to the fore, it’s a little tart. Saying that there’s a lovely soft vanilla that plays on the palate along with an oak bitterness which always translates as strong black tea to me. It’s little peppery on the back of the tongue.

The finish leaves a hint of woody notes and a drizzle of honey…

Next up, the Moscatel finish. Honey comes to the fore again, light, sweet and inviting on the nose. I’m getting notes of orange too. The palate is smooth, lovely orange again, but the sweetness I got on the nose is subdued now, there’s a rich bitter chocolate and I get the flavour of that. The dark chocolate bitterness follows on to the finish with a little kick of spice.

Last sample, the Filey Bay STR finish. Quite a light character again, yet not, there’s a little more here. Delicious hints of red fruit sits against a lovely sweetness…and caramel. Maybe I’m starting to reminisce about fruit Toffos, or showing my age. Delicious vanilla…mmmm. A nice oaky spice on the palate, and it’s fruity, and a little bitter too.

I’ve enjoyed trying these. It’s nice to know that the “barley is grown here in Hunmanby, on our family farm, and we get our water from two sources, sunk deep into the chalk. We’re in control of every stage of the growing and distilling process, from choosing the variety of barley and how it is grown, right through to bottling ourselves at the distillery.” I have to say this too, it’s nice to see & also sample the whiskies that are being brought to us from the English Distilleries. Another one to visit once these pesky lockdowns end !!

The releases are named after Filey Bay which lies on the coast not far from the distillery.

These samples I am trying were part of a Twitter tweet tasting organised by Steve Rush and the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery…apologies again that I was unable to take part in the live tasting, but I have been looking forward to spending some time with them. These tasting sets are available to buy from the distillery for £27.50. So why not give them a try?

Thanks again Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery and Steve, for the samples.

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