VALENTINE’S DAY: Compass Box – for the Love of Scotch Whisky and Chocolate ❤️

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The traditional gift for Valentine’s Day is flowers or Champagne and chocolates but the Compass Box Whiskymakers believe the perfect gift is pairing whisky with chocolate.

This Valentine’s Day make your loved one’s day and serve chocolate with one of these delicious Compass Box Whiskies or include one of their whisky expressions when making a decadent chocolate dessert.

Compass Box Hedonism

Created in 2000, Compass Box Hedonism is their signature whisky.  With its flavour profile of vanilla cream, toffee and coconut it pairs beautifully with milk chocolate, which complements the sweet character of the whisky. The bitterness of dark chocolate makes an intriguing contrast and if salted caramel is in the chocolate – even better. It makes for a sure-fire combination that will work really well together.

RRP: £68.00  ABV: 43% Available from: , Master of MaltThe Whisky Exchange

Compass Box – The Peat Monster

This elegant whisky is peaty and smoky with a creamy and fruity character on the palate. Chocolate laced with almonds or hazelnuts makes a great pairing as it helps to unlock the complex sweetness within peated whiskies. White chocolate tames the peat, revealing the orchard fruit and toffee notes beneath the smoky flavour.

RRP: £46.75 ABV: 46% Available from compassboxwhisky.comMaster of MaltThe Whisky Exchange

Compass Box – Flaming Heart

A whisky born of oak, smoke and fire, this limited edition whisky has so many components of differing profiles that it is perfect for pairing  with chocolate. Sea salt chocolate heightens the influence of the Sherry-matured whiskies in the blend, while chocolate with caramel, butterscotch, orange or mint flavours will create complex unions with the smoky notes of the whisky.

RRP: £120 for a 70cl bottle. ABV: 48.9%. Natural colour and non-chill filtered. A limited edition of 15,050 bottles, launched in 2018. Available from and

Compass Box – The Spice Tree

With French Oak richness The Spice Tree has baking spice notes such as cloves and ginger which surround a core of fruity maltiness. Orange flavoured dark chocolate pairs well, but if you use it as an ingredient for cooking such as in an orange chocolate mousse, ensure you don’t use too much astringent zest. Pairing chocolate with The Spice Tree softens the tannic structure and allows the toffee apple notes to emerge.

RRP: £48.95 ABV: 46% Available from compassboxwhisky.comMaster of MaltThe Whisky Exchange

Looking at Valentine’s Day through The Compass Box lens will open your eyes to the exciting world of whisky pairing.

 ❤️ ❤️

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