Inside the Bottle: There is Light Even in the Darkest Places…

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I thought it was time to let the words flow from my heart to the page once more…

Good riddance 2020, definitely an annus horribilis… in some parts anyway, but as they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!”

So no whisky festivals this year…my poor ‘go bag’ has been banished to the attic. Fear not my little pink case, our time will return.

I’m sat here with my Thinking Tunes playlist playing on Spotify (private mode) and I’m having some me time as I type. Blinking heck my right ear is burning, I do hope someone is saying nice things about me that would be nice… sorry, off topic.

It IS burning though.

This year, as all of us have been witness to, has been a utterly rotten one, though, and I won’t be pressed on this, but I feel that “there is light, even in the darkest places…”

I know I might come across as a sad soppy person, but that’s probably me just figuring things out. I am an optimist (shock horror), because no matter how dark it becomes, or how close I can be pushed to the edge, I pull back. There is always a glimmer of light. The point is to pull out, sometimes it’s a hard old fight, but take it from me, keep pulling!!

Years ago someone told me quite matter of factly, that I am very ‘open’, that’s maybe some of it too. It’s just having the guts to set some people straight…sometimes it just ain’t worth the words, and then other times the problem just gives up and buggers off of its own accord. Yippee!!

Real life has been a challenge, but in a way, I deserve a rest too. Can’t go hard at it for 36 years without one…and something good is just around the corner…believe me.

Recently someone reminded me of something and I guess this too is reflected by the title of this blog… and it’s something people have said to me before, and I do listen, and…it’s basically to remember the good things (and also that sometimes people might be jealous – I accept that too!!) I think that raised its ugly head this year.

These past (nearly 5 years) have been fun, some have been exhilarating, and some help that smile spread across my lips once more. I love that.

While I was thinking about what to write about, I have spent time thinking about all the whisky festivals I have been to over the past few years, from the first to the last, and I have to say on the whole they were bloody good fun!! What I love is being able to sit and think back to those times, allow certain instances to play back as snippets of footage in my mind…from being a little anxious waiting to go into my first ever whisky festival, to the ones where people stop what they are doing and pull me in for a hug (or a catch up.)

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

All these photos mean something… well to me anyway, maybe others too, but they are places on the map which reflect the parts of my journey. Someone also reminded me about the time I was nominated for Communicator of the Year, and it still makes me buzz and feel humbled to have been shortlisted…I still recall the moment I stumbled across it, and I will never find out who put my name forward, but it was obviously done with kindness in mind!! Thank you.

Friends… oh bloody hell, have I missed my friends, and I am hoping that 2021 allows me to be utterly and thoroughly squished!! Be warned…I expect tight hugs!! Really tight hugs…

As ever some delicious whiskies have cropped up as freebies with crisps…ha ha!! If you have seen my timeline then you will know which ones they are. So at least I gave myself a few treats this year. As well as those on tastings too of course, and big thanks to Steve for picking me to partake in them!!

Choccies and fudge have been shelved at the moment, I’ve already explained the reasons for this and I just hope that the new year brings cheaper PPE and an easing of the way items are delivered…it’s all about you my dear customer. So don’t for one moment think “nom nom, it’s all gone !!” has completely gone… Nope.

To those of you who kept in touch, thank you

To those of you who wrote words of strength, thank you

To those that understood, thank you

So I can leave this In 2020 land….To those of you who tried to make a mockery out of me, fuck you!! (apologies for swearing, but these are my true feelings). Yes I could be polite and diplomatic to get this points across, but sometimes, just sometimes I need to speak their language!! Subtle digs too…if you have an issue, speak up!!

At least I finished the year on a positive smiley note: my mammogram results received in the mail this morning were über quick, and the results say they are clear!! I love my boobs (TMI) but there you go…

Big hugs and gratitude to my whisky consultant, and also Andy Watts & Dave aka guv’nor & Atom Brands, and those that have introduced me to new whiskies. Ant and Dec for having a chat with me…and everyone else that’s managed to help me raise a smile. To those that have kept me going…you most definitely know who you are.

Love & hugs, Sarah ❤️

Roll on 2021….

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