That Boutique-y Advent Calendar – Days 4 – 7

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That Boutique-y Advent Calendar 2020

Day 4 – Langatun 5 Year Old – Batch 3 – 51.2% vol.

Day 5– Speyside #3 6 Year Old – Batch 2 – 49.3% vol.

Day 6– Glen Spey 21 Year Old – Batch 1 – 49.7% vol.

Day 7 – Glentauchers 21 Year Old – Batch 8 – 47.1% vol.

On the 2nd day of Christmas Boutique-y gave to me…a sample from a distillery near me!!

I was sent this Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar in order to sample its delights, and to reveal my thoughts to you dear reader!! Will they all delight my palate? Time will certainly tell.

Day 4 is from Langatun Distillery, and it’s a 5 Year Old – Batch 3 – 51.2% vol. £89.95

Some information about the Langatun Distillery from Master of Malt:

“Swiss single malt whisky brand Langatun was created in 2007, but the family behind it has a history in brewing and distilling that stretches back for over a century. In the year of 1857, Jakob Baumberger returned home as a newly graduated master brewer, and founded a distillery at his father’s farm. Three years later, he took over the local brewery and continued his work. The distillery was based in an old grain store in the village of Langatun, situated about 30 miles north-east of the capital, Bern.

Shoot forward to the present day and his grandson, Hans Baumberger III, has continued the story, producing Langatun whisky as well as rum, vodka and liqueurs. However, whisky production has been relocated to the Kornhaus in Aarwangen – demand grew slightly too large for the original distillery!”

This has quite a fresh nose…I’ve just been out for a walk, fresh and grassy. There’s a little something astringent… There’s a little hint of banana, maybe? It smells like clear nail varnish? (not a bad thing…) Something sweet like honey too…and a kick of spice to bring you back. Honey and cinnamon on the palate and a biscuity note.

The palate is fruity, getting some lovely soft flavours coming though. It’s a little waxy on the tongue…pepper. A little heat, and banana again. The finish leaves a lovely sweetness on the palate.

Day 5– Speyside #3 6 Year Old – Batch 2 – 49.3% vol. £34.95

Back to Speyside again, and believe me, that’s no bad thing…

Custard and caramel greet the senses albeit briefly (first poured), a hint of citrus follows. A little butter, is there a hint of sweetness coming again? I think so. There’s a feint smokiness…

The palate oozes honey and sweetness, oh I like a good old ooze, there is definitely some orange in there, and hit of spice and fruit. Toffee coming through later… It’s quite lovely, spices and citrus flavours remaining.

Day 6– Glen Spey 21 Year Old – Batch 1 – 49.7% vol. £119.95

Staying in Speyside but heading for Rothes, and the Glen Spey disillery… It’s a blink and you’ll miss it distillery (set back off the road as you drive through.) Well, I have.

This has rather a fresh nose, sweet with vanilla and a lovely freshness to it. Think a cold day and a good walk…there’s a nice juiciness too, maybe some apple.

On the palate, there’s a lot going on, there’s a little tartness of orange, a lovely woody spice, a hint of ginger. There’s a lot of sweetness and warmth of spice with chocolate too, with a little fruity jammy note, yet it is drying, so slightly. Yet I feel it on my lips. The finish is sweet.

Now I have to admit, I giggled when I read the explanation of the label “it features a Porridgemacgorium! Just look at all those different types of porridge you could try! No wonder it’s so popular among those hip Victorians.” I have only just explained what a spurtle is!!

Day 7 – Glentauchers 21 Year Old – Batch 8 – 47.1% vol.

Off to Glentauchers Distillery now, this is situated between Keith and Aberlour in Mulben. I was lucky to have taken a ‘drive-by” pic of it last week…it was so cold, I was wishing I could have stopped for a little something to heat me up!!

Initially there is a hint of pear drops / clear nail polish… it’s a little salty once you allow it to open a while, the first scents noted have become more like caramel and some biscuit notes (a little malty?) there’s a sweet vanilla and jam, maybe a bit like those Happy Face biscuits…the palate delivers an almost waxiness on first sip, the sweetness from the nose has turned into woody spice. There’s a bitterness that almost challenges my senses from what I enjoyed on the nose. Spices remain on the finish. I might need to revisit this one.

The advent calendars were available from Master of Malt plenty of delicious Boutique-y Whisky to tempt your palate too!!

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