Speyside No.2 25 Year Old – Batch 1 That Boutique-y Advent Calendar – Day 1

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That Boutique-y Advent Calendar 2020

Speyside No.2 25 Year Old – Batch 1 – 51.6% vol.

Time to get this little treat unlocked… what will be revealed? Let’s see.

I was sent this Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar in order to sample its delights, and to reveal my thoughts to you dear reader!! Will they all delight my palate? Time will certainly tell.

Eager to escape…

So, day 1 is the Speyside No.2 25 Year Old – Batch 1 – 51.6% vol.

I’m free!!!

The label bears a question mark, and words such as ‘very smoothness, such mystery, and wow!!” That accompanied by a doge (see below) and as all we know is that this is from Speyside, I am sure it will be a good un!! Artwork as ever by the very talented Emily Chappell.


I thought that if I can, I would share some little story or other with you while I write my tasting notes. Be honest, you love it!!

I’m hugely grateful for the fact that I live very close to Speyside, I know, lucky me eh? So within ‘x’ amount of time I can drive there and take in the scents and sights of a whisky region that I love.

There is a sugary sweet nose maybe a little overly ripe banana, and it’s a little estery to be fair, with honey and a few malt biscuits chucked in for good measure. A hint of ginger pricks the senses, and a fresh grassy notes lurks in the background.

So with the year we’ve had and having some time to play with, I have managed a few extra scenic tours of the area…not only the beauty and scents of the distilleries and warehouses, but the scenery too. It’s good to kick back from life and take it all in.

The palate delivers caramel and vanilla, there’s a slight nuttiness too and butterscotch. The vanilla is sweet. The grassy freshness remains with fruit and a little kick of citrus, and some woody spices too.

The sweetness of the honey is delicious, it’s nice tasting that, as it really carries on from what the nose was offering me…the spice is warming, the finish is quite long and it has a lovely heat to it, the caramellly sweetness lingers.

Again, many thanks for the opportunity to sample this advent calendar.

These were available from Master of Malt The whisky is still available for £116.95

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