A Little Look at Pour and Sip from Master of Malt

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Shhh… don’t tell anyone scratch that, tell EVERYONE, tell them all, there is a new whisky subscription club in town!!

This is the Pour & Sip Club (powered by those lovely chaps at Master of Malt.)

If you haven’t heard, then this is an explanation from MoM:

“New customers receive a welcome pack containing a pair of tasting glasses, a how to taste whisky card, detailed tasting notes, plus the first five 30ml whisky samples. 

Members are encouraged to join twice-monthly online tastings hosted by the expert team, giving them the opportunity to explore each taster in detail, ask questions, and generally immerse themselves in all things whisky. They can also enjoy bespoke blog content, and will even receive access to exclusive discounts on full-price bottles at Master of Malt. 

Pour & Sip boxes ship monthly, with members at complete control of their subscription. Deliveries can be paused and resumed at any time at no cost, and set two-and three-month gift options are also available.”

The package that I received is wonderful, well packaged (enough to withstand even the worst delivery driver) and a welcome letter, 5 x 30ml samples and 2 Glencairn glasses. Also included is an envelope containing tasting notes.

I chose the following from the set to review for this post:

Legent Bourbon 47% vol

Mackmyra Grönt Te 46.1% vol

Teeling Whiskey Brabazon Series 3 49.5% vol

The other samples are: Bunnahabhain 12 year old 46.3% vol, and The Balvenie The Week of Peat 14 year old 48.3% vol.

Legent Bourbon 47% vol – a hint of brown sugar and ginger, vanilla and freshly roast coffee beans. Some red fruit, with a lovely depth of scents on the nose. Chocolate comes through too…with creak of leather. Ooh!! The palate delivers quite a smooth mouthfeel with a kick of spice, there’s no real sweetness, there is a hint of a well sucked 70s cherry Tune. Just a hint of it. The finish is reminiscent of having had the Tune half an hour ago…just a hint of cherry flavour remaining, with a little woody spice.

Mackmyra Grönt Te 46.1% vol – now I know this whisky has been finished off in a cask which was seasoned with Oloroso and Japanese Green Tea, and I apologise in advance for not releasing notes on this beforehand as I had popped my sample somewhere safe… so safe I can’t put my hands on it, so I was more than happy to have the opportunity to try it now.

I have to add, I love the way that Mackmyra has grown in popularity over the past few years, some people used to not recognise the name when I spoke about them, thankfully that has changed, and sometimes change is a good thing…

The nose is fresh and floral. Red fruits and hmmm vanilla, and I do get the green tea aspect too, though I haven’t had a cup for aeons… the palate is a little spicy, peppery (think rocket) fruity again, and the green tea comes through once more, along with vanilla, and what I notice is that it makes my tastebuds water a little (a little tart?) The finish lingers, with a little sweetness and peppery warmth.

Teeling Whiskey Brabazon Series 3 49.5% vol So we have visited the USA, Sweden and now we set sail for Ireland, this time to the Teeling Distillery. Okay so from a little peek around t’internet I see: “The Brabazon Bottling Series is a limited edition collection of unique Irish Single Malts capturing the full impact and flavour crafted through fortified wine cask maturation”.

Series 3 has been finished in Pedro Ximénez casks…Fruit and dark fruit at that, along with dark chocolate and raisin, there is a little nuttiness too… maybe treacle? But there is something that is really appealing to my senses!! The palate follows with dark chocolate and apples (juicy red apple) and just enough spice to counter too much sweetness. The finish leaves you with fruity flavours and a little nutty note with cake spices…

Well I have to say, I quite enjoyed the Teeling Brabazon just enough flavour and body without being too sweet. It was really interesting to finally try the Grönt Te though whatever was making my taste buds water was a little odd. The Legent bourbon was nice, there’s something there that’s appealing to me!!

I’ll finish with this, if you are looking to try something new from the comfort of your own surroundings, or maybe you’re tightening your belt in the present climate and fancy a little treat, then this is for you. You might even join in the live tastings. Whatever it is that floats your boat, I would give this a go: Pour & Sip

Many thanks to the Pour & Sip team (Master of Malt) for sending me a pack to sample…

Of course there are other options out there too, pick what works best for you.

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