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I was sent these new releases a little while back, they are from That Boutique-y Whisky Company and are care of the Dram Good Club…thank you. I chose two samples from distilleries I am not that familiar with.

While I am sat here I know there is a signed card from Emily Chappell hanging behind me, it says “happy dramming!” in front of me there are several labels hanging on the wall namely Tomatin, Loch Lomond, Caledonian, Millstone and my beloved Invergordon…yeah, you know the one, the 42 year old, batch 15 (unsurprisingly.)

The biggest print I have adorns a wall in the kitchen.. but I have them in my living room, dining room and hallway too. So there’s a good chance I can be described as a fan!! For me personally, well they are moments in my journey… yep.

The samples I took to try were from the Langatun Distillery in Switzerland, and the other is from the Nantou Distillery in Taiwan.

I think the last time I sat with a Langatun was in a SYHA on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, I think that was a 5 year old too, and it was batch 1 (having looked through my photos.)

Today’s sample is another 5 year old, batch 3, 51.2% vol

This has quite a fresh nose…I’ve just been out for a walk, fresh and grassy. There’s a little something astringent… There’s a little hint of banana, maybe? It smells like clear nail varnish? (not a bad thing…) Something sweet like honey too…and a kick of spice to bring you back. Honey and cinnamon on the palate and a biscuity note.

The palate is fruity, getting some lovely soft flavours coming though. It’s a little waxy on the tongue…pepper. A little heat, and banana again. The finish leaves a lovely sweetness on the palate.

Some information about the Langatun Distillery from Master of Malt:

“Swiss single malt whisky brand Langatun was created in 2007, but the family behind it has a history in brewing and distilling that stretches back for over a century. In the year of 1857, Jakob Baumberger returned home as a newly graduated master brewer, and founded a distillery at his father’s farm. Three years later, he took over the local brewery and continued his work. The distillery was based in an old grain store in the village of Langatun, situated about 30 miles north-east of the capital, Bern.

Shoot forward to the present day and his grandson, Hans Baumberger III, has continued the story, producing Langatun whisky as well as rum, vodka and liqueurs. However, whisky production has been relocated to the Kornhaus in Aarwangen – demand grew slightly too large for the original distillery!”

The next sample I am trying is from the Nantou Distillery in Taiwan, it’s the 4 year old, batch 1, 49% vol. Mmmm… as I brought this to my nose. It’s fruity!! It’s a little bit like Um Bongo (fruity)…toffee too!!

The palate is fruity again. Vanilla and it’s sweet…toffee (pops) mmmmm, there’s a little vanilla too. A lovely spice lingers on the palate…

A little bit of information about Nantou Distillery from Master of Malt:

“Situated in Nantou Hsien, Taiwan, Nantou Distillery was founded by the Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation, a Taiwan State-owned manufacturer of tobacco and alcohol, in 1978. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that it produced its first whisky.

Before 2010, the mash, wort and wash were made in a nearby brewery which Nantou stopped using when it installed its own German mash tun and washbacks (with a 15,000 litres capacity) in the distillery. The fermentation run typically lasts around 60 to 72 hours, before the spirit is transferred into the appropriate pot stills. Nantou currently has four stills, manufactured by Forsyths of Rothes in Speyside, and was installed in the distillery with varying capacities. One is able to distil 7,000 litres, two are able to distil 5,000 litres each and the final still is able to distil 2,000 litres.

The on-site racked warehouse is capable of storing 4,500 bourbon casks & sherry casks, which can hold from 180 to 225 litres. The humid and hot climate of Taiwan means that the Angels‘ Share is about 5% per year. A fresh underground water supply is used to reduce the strength of all whisky produced at Nantou.”

As much as I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth, it was lovely to have something sweet and fruity in my mouth today 🙂 I liked both samples.

Many thanks to The Dram Good Club for these.

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