Glen Moray PX Finish 1998

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Well I finally laid this bottle to rest the other night, while enjoying my last pour, I thought it was high time I took some notes…

I’ve a fondness for Glen Moray distillery. It’s a lovely place to visit and I’ve some happy memories of being there…and that’s what it’s all about really, isn’t it? Happy memories, good times, great whisky?!

I think it is.

So, yes, I’ve bought a few bottles of this expression and I’m sure I’ve still got a closed bottle kicking around here somewhere…locked away safely for another time I’m sure.

The nose delivers treacle and a little nutty note. Rich fruit….fragrant wood too. There’s an almost orangey hint and a little leather.

This alongside raisins…maybe a hint of dark chocolate, and a fleeting wisp of menthol.

On the palate there’s rich fruit again, this mingles with spices…and a teeny sour cherry note. Dark caramel and raisins. Sweet sticky figs. Dark chocolate comes through too, and it’s ever so slightly oily…and a little kick of black pepper.

The finish is lovely, with hints of rich fruit and raisins remaining. So, yes, I’m glad I have another bottle of this and also the 1994 sherry cask finish. They’ll be opened at some point, one day.

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