Inside the Bottle: Good Things…

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I want more (of the good things) I know that.

As I was contemplating the thoughts and feelings I was having, I was sat with a cask strength whisky as my companion…it’s making me address them.

The strength of this whisky could take my breath away, but only if I let it.

I’m enjoying the scent of this whisky as it reaches my nose. It’s making me smile.

It’s like the air after the rain on a warm day, it delivers a much welcome freshness. There is vanilla and a little honey sweetness. A little cinnamon mixed in with cooked apples… something nutty too. It’s familiar. I like that.

The glass has been sat beside me for hours now, there’s such a lovely scent, floral and inviting. It’s beckoning me to go outside…to experience the outdoors in all its wonder. Maybe it’s time to stop and smell the roses as they say (not that I get roses, just the sentiment.) Although the floral note that’s there, is enticing.

There’s something almost pastry-ish (malty) about this too.

Taking a sip, there’s a little burn. I can feel it as I swallow. I’ll add a few drops of water… (not something I’d normally do.) It can take it.


Mmmm.. that pastry note comes through on the palate. There’s a lovely sweetness and vanilla again. A lovely smooth mouthfeel goes along with it. Oak spices are peppery, with an almost lemony bitterness.

Well, I’ve spent a good few hours with this. I had another sip the other night as I was finishing this off.

It’s just what I needed.

I’m so grateful that I was given the nod to buy this by my whisky consultant, this from a palate that I trust. And that’s the lovely thing about it too…I am glad I bought a bottle.


I guess this is the beauty of whisky… It draws me into it. It captivates me with its aroma, and as I sit and appreciate what’s in my glass, it takes me far away from things, and it allows me to appreciate the moments, and curl up in memories (of the good things…..they keep me focused & smiling, I love that, and I need them…oh, how I need them, and I will fight for them.)

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