Feels Like Home

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Oh fu… lipping heck, I needed that!!

I feel like I’ve been locked up for months…in truth, I have been. I’ve been hidden from life.

I know I’m not the only one.

Well, I was up at the crack of dawn, in fairness I always am. I love the peace, the clarity that comes with the quiet…time to think and be. I did my housework, and thought “you know what, I need to go and drive more than 5 miles today..” So I did.

So I set off, albeit with some trepidation, we all know there are people out there reluctant to toe the line. Well here’s the news… just do it. Where’s the harm in it?!! Mask on and just get on with it.


Dufftown greeted me with sun as I pulled into the car park at Glenfiddich, it felt like it was as happy to see me as I was it.

I’m really not good at missing things… not good at all.

To visit Glenfiddich now, should really book in advance. I hadn’t planned to go in as I hadn’t booked ahead. Yet the lady outside the centre in the car park said it would be okay as long as I did the necessary…after my temperature was taken, and my details were left I headed for the visitor centre. After using the hand sanitiser and putting my mask on, I went in.

Hi honey, I’m home.

That might sound silly, or odd or OTT but… it’s true.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned, it has been 127 days since I last stepped into a distillery…

I like the Glenfiddich distillery, maybe I more than like it… it’s one of those places. I passed the time with the lady in the visitor centre.

I asked about the bottle your own. It’s more of a label your own at present, and that’s understandable. And it’s something we need to accept at the moment. C’est la vie. I didn’t spoil myself. Not this time. There’ll be others.

They have a little marquee outside the back of the centre, this has been created so you can have a coffee or a bite to eat. I took advantage of this and sat in the sun… letting the sun kiss my cheeks. I needed that too!!

I liked the number plate of the car near mine…just do it!!


Afterwards I went for a drive, passing the Balvenie and past the Craigellachie distillery and on to Aberlour. Then along past GlenAllachie and Glenfarclas. All closed, but still there. That’s the main thing.

Then it was time to drive back. A little day out that lifted my spirits and brought a smile to my heart.


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