iheartwhisky Fudge and Chocolate is 3 Years Old!!

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Sooooo…  iheartwhisky is officially three years old (7th April 2020.)

Did you try my truffles… Did my Rene Yell balls of joy have you crying out for ‘more, more, more’… maybe my whisky filled chocolates hit the spot for you? Tell me.

However, though it was quiet, it was another good year and I’ve loved it.

What’s New?

Well as things stand at the moment, not a lot. We are in the midst of COVID-19 and as much as I would love to make whisky fudge and chocolates…none of the ingredients, packaging etc. can be classed as essentials. I know some of you would love some…but be patient. All good things come to those that wait.

Thanks…basically the same as last year

Why? They’ve had my back, they’ve stood bedside me, they’ve encouraged me to be brave and helped me carry on. They’ve seen me sparkle when I start to talk about my passion and not once let me down.

Elton…thanks for listening and for your feedback, and tasting notes and saying way back when to “go for it”.

Sorren…thank you for your support and guidance…advice, humour, and “nom nom it’s all gone !! (oh the Royalties to pay….ha ha ha!!)

Jeannine…thank you for your lovely tweets and your friendship. You’ve given me some wonderful support (again) and I am looking forward to seeing you in the coming months…

Steve Rush too for the retweets of my posts on whisky fudge and chocolates.


I fully admit that I have been a little quiet on the whisky fudge side of life, but sometimes you don’t have control over everything. However I am still here…please keep checking as soon as the world becomes a safer place, I promise to delight your palates.

Until then, please, unless there is no option to stay in for work or whatever, stay inside and be safe x

Lastly, should I have forgotten to thank anyone, accept my apologies.

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