Exclusive Whisky Event to Bring The Finest Blends of Whisky to London for Third Year

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Exclusive Whisky Event to Bring The Finest Blends of Whisky To London For Third Year

This May, the biggest names in Whisky will once again descend on Mayfair for the third annual Whisky Event. Hosted by the Whisky World, and taking place within the lavish Grosvenor House Hotel, this year’s show promises to be every bit as memorable as the last outing.

More than two-hundred-and-fifty whiskies will be available for sampling, including a selection of exclusive bottlings prepared exclusively for The Whisky World. The exhibitors represent the best that the whisky-producing world has to offer; among them are household names, as well as lesser-known innovators looking to distinguish themselves.

From peaty Islays to fruity Speysides, there’s an expression to suit every palate. But this event isn’t just about Scotch: you’ll find exhibitors from Ireland, India, Japan, and everywhere else where quality whisk(e)y is being made.

A selection this broad is certain to provide old favourites, new surprises, and rare sampling opportunities. Whisky neophytes will be able to broaden their horizons in a welcoming, upmarket setting. But even seasoned aficionados will find novel and exciting flavour profiles, and scope to learn about developments in the fast-changing world of modern whisky.

Every dram will be dispensed by expert brand-ambassadors, who are on hand to provide the insights that modern whisky-lovers crave. But this year, attendees have the option of attending masterclasses. These are led by industry experts with an unparalleled understanding of the often-nuanced relationships between whisky-producing regions, the production techniques used, and the flavour profiles that ultimately result. Among the exhibitors already announced are Macallan, Kavalan, Dalmore, GlenDronach and Springbank. More respected names are set to join the list over the coming months.

It’s an exciting time for the industry, with new techniques and flavour profiles being developed constantly. With so many quality whiskies gathered under a single roof, this year’s Whisky Event promises to be a tasting experience like no other.

But while the focus remains resolutely on whisky, the event’s appeal stretches to both brands and customers – and even to drinkers who’ve yet to develop a fondness for whisky. Free cocktails will be dispensed by Massenez Distillery. Food, meanwhile, comes courtesy of a vibrant kosher menu crafted to complement the available drinks. As such, this year’s experience looks set to cement the Whisky Event as a highlight on the drinks calendar.

The Whisky Event by The Whisky World takes place 10th May 2020 at the exclusive Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London. Tickets are priced at £85 per person, which includes entrance to the event food and cocktails or £100 which includes the masterclasses.

To find out more and to register for the event, visit: https://www.thewhiskyevent.com/

Visitors can purchase their favourite products at the event, or online at The Whisky World.

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