Whisky Legs

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So, I went to the bingo once… and had I not agreed prior to going in to split the winnings four ways, then I would have come out with a bulging handbag…yes me, I had basically just sat down and won £125 straight away, followed by another £100. I don’t remember the others winning, so they were pleased I came. Lucky me… Anyway that was off on a slight tangent… what in the name of hell has that got to do with whisky? During that evening the caller had shouted number 11, legs eleven. See where I am going with this? If you don’t, then give yourself a shake!!

Whisky legs then, some refer to them as tears, but to me that is just a little too sad. Other’s call them legs; whisky legs.

Have you ever really taken a moment to look at your glass when you pour yourself a dram, as you gently swirl it in the glass and hold it to the light, you will notice the “legs”. Basically this is about the alcohol having a lower surface tension than water. Some can be quite thin and disappear almost instantly, while other’s are there long enough to enjoy them and take a quick pic… they can be quite mesmerising, especially in a whisky you love.

Then we have certain people (me) who posts pics with the tags #legs #legs11 and #whiskylegs.. at 11am, obviously, but why? Well I won’t tell you the one reason, the real reason. I have explained that to those that matter. What I can tell you is that it is by no means a recent thing. I’ve been doing it for years, yet now there is a playful correlation between them and whisky, hence the tags. I’ve even had mentions of my appreciation of them on podcasts! That’s what brings a smile to my face.

Now I do know some of you like them, yes even the ladies among us. There was a time that I had some pretty low comments… least said, soonest mended. I have been at festivals and some have asked “are you Smiley Smoggy?” yep because of my legs, and that’s okay, I’m not trying to be a perve magnet. I guess I have an internal barometer of what I will and won’t do… does it offend people? I am not sure, if it does then they must leave the house either blinkered or blindfolded so as to avoid women in skirts… I mean how dare they show their legs?!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha… (Believe me I have had weirder comments nipping to my local whisky shop!!)

The other thing is, they might just raise a smile!! That really can only be a good thing, and that along with the odd whisky reference is why I do it… life is full of enough misery and angst, so why not try to brighten people’s days and give them a reason to smile? Hey they do call me Smiley Smoggy you know!! 🙂 Ha! I nearly said something there…

Then we have the “actual whisky legs”, those in glasses, and I love those photos. They show the colour and the legs and I’m the one lucky to be sat with them as the aroma fills the air and it beckons me to take it in my hand and sip… and I love it!!

So whatever your thoughts are, enjoy them for what they are, lovely photos of whisky in glasses. Or the leg’s of a whisky lover trying to make people smile.

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