Inside the Bottle: Smiles in a Glass

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Inside the Bottle: Smiles in a Glass

I was actually writing another blog, it’s about something that touches on the (sometimes) darkness of January. This can be an incredibly hard time of the year for me, I am sure many other’s feel the same too. But that’s not for today… I’m not saying I’ll never post it, but definitely not today.

Focussing on the heartwarming side of life… 

Sometimes, okay mostly all of the time, I can be found daydreaming about the parts of my life that bring me happiness… This might seem like such a simple thing to do, yet, there are interruptions, and on occasion there can be rotten stuff happening that can cause you to forget to stop and listen to your heart…you know? Sometimes it’s a struggle and sometimes you just have to go to the place that brings relief, to the thoughts that make you grateful, and thankful for having them resting in your heart… yes folks, this is the real me.

Hearts and Smiles

Since I was a little girl, hearts have always featured in my life. A feature of doodles at school, and on items of jewellery… well, that and smileys (mostly found on notes, dirty windows etc. these days – ask Dave in my office.) I was just sat thinking, I have a few in my house, on my fridge, in the living room and dining room too. Even as an adult, these can give us a reason to smile. My left wrist sports two hearts, on simple silver bracelets. Always there…

Smiles in a Glass

Some of you might see “my smiles in a glass” posts, normally alongside “smiles in a bottle”. These can sometimes be joined with “hugs in a glass…” A common theme. A theme full of memories and to some degree, a theme of strength. There is nothing more comforting (slight lie there, there is something more comforting…) than spending some time anticipating pouring a certain whisky, and then you pour it knowing that it will put a bloody big smile on your face, the familiar colour, scent and taste, and it can almost feel two arms slowly drawing you close…yeah, that!! Hugs in a glass.

I know some might think I fall into these whiskies a little too easily some evenings… truth be told, how ever much I want to spend time with one, the thought of finishing the bottle sometimes sees me taking my time in pouring one, so as to make the moment last. Sweet anticipation…

Smiles in a Bottle

So often I reach for a bottle… then step back, reach out, pull back…the dance of the wish I could, no I shouldn’t, oh, go on, and mmm, maybe next week. Maybe (read as, probably) I should have opened them as soon as they arrived? I know I have them, and perhaps the thought is, that if I open them then at some point they will be gone… and that’s what is keeping me from breaking the seal. If anyone is familiar with my wrist action, then they will know I can get into them quite easily too… Inside the Bottle: Moments of Bliss

Smiles in a bottle means a lot to me, that’s why I talk about them too. Admittedly I sometimes get a blank expression looking back at me, but to me, why spend your time with a whisky, or spending your hard earned pennies on something that doesn’t ‘hit the spot’? Makes no sense to me…none at all. Maybe I should open some… isn’t life about enjoyment after all?

Hugs in a Glass

Ah hugs… who doesn’t like getting a hug? I love giving, and I love receiving them too. I think I am quite a touchy “hands on” kinda gal… you know? Perhaps not all the time, but most definitely when the time is right… so it makes a lot of sense to me that certain whiskies can be like a hug in a glass!!

Let me digress a moment… life can be hard, or you can be feeling a little lost, a little alone, and at these times you can seek out something that is almost a touchstone. Maybe it is a place of familiarity, a scent, a song, it could even be a photograph or a whatever…there is always something to bring reassurance that you will be okay. Maybe it’s something as simple as feeling the sun shining on your face. I guess what I am trying to say is, even a whisky can evoke those feelings. I’m sure we all have some that are special to us for reasons only we ourselves need to know.

So, yes, I use these terms because that is how some of them make me feel. They allow me to go to places when I am alone, like I am just now while finally finishing this blog (which is good, because I really needed to be me tonight, to think, to just be.) No interruptions, no nothing. I have music playing on my laptop as I relax on the sofa. There is a little something on my coffee table and the lovely aroma is gently filling the air… I know what it is asking me to do…it’s saying pick me up, and sip me…enjoy me.

So I will.


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