Happy New Year !!

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Happy New Year !!

Some of you will have read my last blog “Smile and the World Smiles With You……and thank you, and for the lovely comments too. I always write from the heart you see.

I have also had some lovely comments and follows elsewhere…that’s really cool too.

Writing that blog really made me think about certain situations and things that have happened throughout the year…the support I have had, and the moments that just make me smile. I want more of that too!!

I have been living in those moments the past couple of weeks…they are comforting and allow me the space to breathe and be myself.

We all face things that challenge us, that make us feel like running (driving) away. Hiding away. Shying away. Life is short though, too short. Grab the chance to be you, to be happy. Don’t let other’s words or actions crush your spirit… be brave, stand up for what you want, and if you’re me, you will fight for it…

Thinking back over the last 10 years… I have loved every minute of the highs. Loved discovering what I truly love.

Some of the highlights of the decade have been discovering there is so much more to whisky… in as much as the delights that have caressed my palate, I very much had my core go-to bottles, yet now the variety and appreciation has increased immensely.

Meeting my friends those I have chatted to since 2011, has been wonderful. You all know who you are…**

Distillery visits, tours, whisky chats and dipping my toe even further into the water of life…this is much of what makes me smile.

Away from social media, things have been tumultuous, but we all have these times. Just know you will come out of them stronger.

All that is left to say is…

If you have shown me kindness, I hope you felt my kindness

Thank you for listening, I heard you too

Your faith in me touched me

Your support nourished me

Your knowledge was my guide

Your experience lit my path

Your words gave me strength

Your friendship brings me happiness

– – – – –

Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2020 !!

Love, Sarah x x x










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