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That Boutique-y Advent Calendar Days 9 – 11 | That Boutique-y Whisky Company

So it’s days 9 to 11 of Boutique-y Whisky Advent Calendar, and what delights have I been treated to the past few days…well dear reader, read on… hopefully my thoughts and those of ocdwhisky will have you wanting to spoil yourself to one of these too !!

Day 9 – Blended Whisky #2 – 22 year old – Batch 3 – 41.8% vol.

Oh yeah… One I invested in last year upon recommendation. You know it makes sense…

A little hint of coffee… a lovely hint of chocolate. A little whack of leather. A wisp of vanilla… a delicious inviting woody note, with a very lovely sweetness.

Can you see where I am going with this?

The palate has a nice fullness to it, there is a lovely caramel ripple…a little cherry, some soft spices and it just whispers… sip me again.

The finish is lovely, a little dark chocolate…a little orange bitterness.

I do like this, and was so happy to find this sample in the advent calendar and I am grateful I’m able to have this in my collection.

Day 10  – Strathclyde – 31 year old – Batch 4 – 45% vol.

A little grain… for me? Ooh. 

Quite a freshness on the nose, slight acetone hint… a teeny bit of menthol briefly. Buttery note, a little cherry. Light nuttiness and some coffee aroma. The delicious woody notes that I love are there too. Luscious vanilla…yep.

The palate is not as sweet as the nose suggested… a chewed pencils kind of taste. There is still some vanilla there and delicious woody spices… burnt sugar. Oh hang on…creamy custardy sweetness when I poured it again. Caramel skips by…

I like this, but I ain’t seeing it on Master of Malt… yoo hoo guv’nor, got any more?


Day 11  – Speyburn 10 year old – Batch 3 – 49.5% vol.

The nose delivers vanilla with ginger spice. A slice of malty cake like Soreen…there’s a creamy kind of note too. A hint of fruit. Maybe apple?

There is ginger on the palate, albeit briefly. Caramel sweetness, but then a whack of salt or something? There’s a definite black tea bitterness… then caramel sweetness. Then saltiness…

Definitely a hint of salt on the finish fading to a little sweetness. Nosing the glass afterward gave a slight sourness. Maybe not one for my palate, though I am sure other’s will love it… you might want to read anothereview of this by ocdwhisky. 

Available from Master of Malt for £77.95 Master of Malt

Many thanks to Atom Brands for this Boutique-y Whisky Advent Calendar.

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