Glenfarclas 2003 Distillery Exclusive 2019

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Spirit of Speyside 2019 – Glenfarclas Distillery Exclusive 2003

Sometimes I wonder how to start a review…just sometimes.

I wrote my tasting notes on this a few weeks ago but where to start?

I was thinking…it’s been raining here the last few days. Not just rain, proper downpours and its been cold and grey… and I’ve been thinking about what I’m missing and… anyway, walking back to my desk it suddenly occurred to me that this particular bottle reminds me of friendship (in so many different ways.) To me that’s never a bad thing, even thinking about some of my other bottles, they all have their own story / memory attached to them. I love that.

Well this bottle is one that I picked up one snowy / rainy / sunshiney day in May this year. I’d literally just been asked if there was anywhere for a coffee at the distillery and upon hitting “send” on my response, a car full of my whisky brothers reversed in next to me.

Albeit a brief visit to the distillery I had secured my bottle. Mission accomplished !! This release from the Glenfarclas Distillery was for the Spirit of Speyside in 2019. This was distilled in 2003 and bottled in 2019 from a first fill sherry butt. I may have two of the 647 bottles.

My Review

As I say, I sat with this a few weeks ago, and these are my thoughts:

img_7985On the nose, there is lovely rich moist fruitcake which has been fed with sherry. There was a lovely sticky sugariness to it… delicious spices too. A good sprinkling of cinnamon. The nose is really inviting. A lovely vanilla richness to it…and chocolate, and a little coffee, but no milk! All this while sitting in a lovely well worn leather armchair… bliss!

I took a sip and my palate was teased with full bodied rich fruit. Lovely spice and some red berries…a little burnt sugar, a liquorice drop and a hint of orange. This would be the ideal whisky to snuggle with on a cold evening…care to join me?

I really do love this, and I’m so grateful I was able to pop out and buy some!!


    1. It is a really good tour, I agree.

      I know you say you “baulked” at the cost, but I guess there are very few bottles left. I would need to part with over £4,800 for my year, it is the way it goes. A family cask would perhaps cost £220 upwards for the latest release. Wait for 21 years and I am more than sure the value of that would increase too 🙂

      It was kind of them to give you a sample though.

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      1. It was indeed kind, especially as I paid over the odds for my standard 25 year old bottle in the shop. I did try to check online before purchase but couldn’t get 3G. The cost of the sample made it much more palatable.

        I just can’t spend £4K on a bottle of whisky. However buying present family casks a much better idea.

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