Glengoyne 17 Year Old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

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That Boutique-y Whisky Company – Glengoyne 17 Year Old Batch 1, 49.1%

Another little treat from the Dram Good Club. This lil’ beauty hails from Glengoyne Distillery.

Glengoyne+-+Batch+1+-+17+Year+Old+(That+Boutique-y+Whisky+Company)The distillery wasn’t always known as Glengoyne, the distillery began distilling in 1833 and was known as the Burnfoot distillery and there’s a hint to its old name on the label. The road on which the distillery sit has been replaced with hot coals, causing the feet of those ramblers to burn… On the subject of ramblers… never be too honest if anyone asks what you think of them, there might be one within earshot!!


My Review

Lots of sweetness on the nose with butter, cinnamon. Orange.  Baked apple slice. Floral note. Lovely rich fruitcake too…

This had a lovely smooth mouthfeel. Oak tannins. Ginger and cinnamon, and a little vanilla. Fruity flavours that I got on the nose are there by way of fruitcake once again. There’s a little strong black tea. A bit of chewy caramel. Some warming spice heats the palate.

The finish is a little drying. Plenty of warmth remaining from the spices. Red fruits…

This release from That Boutique-y Whisky Company is still available at Master of Malt – priced at £174.95 Master of Malt

Many thanks to That Boutique-y Whisky Company and Atom Brands et al. for the sample and opportunity to try this.

Smoggy x

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