Flash, I love you!

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Scotch Malt Whisky Society G5.11 – Flash, I love you!

Okay so those that know me, yep you.. you know what I love, don’t you?

It’s the certain something that just grabs me by the senses and leads me on a journey. That journey can be one of immense pleasure, my senses heightened by colour, aromas and ultimately the taste on my palate before the finish. Do I call it pleasure? Indeed I do!

I’m having a bit of an awakening by way of grain whisky. Shocking eh? Who’d have guessed that? I guess it depends if you’ve been locked in solitary confinement for the last two or so years, if so, then you have missed this, shame on you. Lol.

I bought this release earlier this year, I guess I was wondering if it would hit my spot! This was distilled at the Invergordon Distillery on the 3rd November 1987 in a second fill ex-bourbon cask, and it is 30 years old and bottled at 52.4%.

The Invergordon Distillery sits in the Highlands, next to a place called Saltburn. I’ve known about this area since I was a little Smoggy as my late father used to deliver fuel up there, he often mentioned Saltburn to me as we lived in Saltburn-by-the-sea. Same side of the country, just a lot further up the coast. One day I’ll get up to visit the area. The distillery is owned by Whyte & MacKay and has 3 Coffey stills Invergordon Distillery and is anyone comes across a cask end… please please get in touch. Please.

My Review


Firstly the colour is so light, like pale straw.

The nose has the scent of nail polish. A very brief hint of freshly ground coffee. There’s a hint of cereal (soggy Weetabix.) Slight saccharine scent and a touch of vanilla, and an outdoorsy country walk air about it…I added a drop of water and this seemed to bring out some citrus notes. A hint of leather in the empty glass.

On the palate, it starts with a lot of spice then a tiny drizzle of caramel and burnt sugar. Loads of pepper. It is quite viscous and slightly oily. Buttery pastries and Imps?! Have you ever sucked an imp? Well it has that slight bitterness to it. Again with water there is a touch of sweetness, but there is a sort of herbal flavour to it. A light nutty flavour too.

The finish is medium length and the herbal flavours remain with a light sweetness, the coating on the mouth leaves an almost waxy feel.

Some things are meant to be loved, this isn’t it. It’s nice, it’s just not OMFG where’s my next bottle nice…





  1. I love Invergorden but I have to admit, some are better than others. Many moons ago, when you were a little Smoggy, there was an official bottling at 7 years old. I got a bottle at auction a while ago and it was as good as I remembered. But there was also a 3 (or 5?) year old bottling for the Italian market that I obtained back then, that memory serves was even better. Some grains can be good at a young age, but not all… 😝

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    1. Hello Charlie,

      Thanks for popping by… I tend to agree, some are different to others I think. They might suit some palates, not necessarily yours / mine. The others I have had so far have hit the mark.



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