A Trip to Speyside… Again

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Today I decided it would be nice to breach the city limits…where to go, what to do?

A trip to Speyside seemed like a ruddy good plan!

I was hoping for better weather as the last time I visited it was snowing. Today though Ben Rinnes was shrouded in cloud.

The first stop of the day was to the Glenfiddich Distillery, time to visit the loveliest loos and use the absolutely lovely hand soap. I can be easily pleased… sometimes. I had a little wander around and a coffee in the Malt Barn. The Glenfiddich roses were in full bloom outside the visitor centre.

The extension was looking lovely with the copper pagoda shining in the sun, yes the sun came out to play!

Aberlour was next. I do like Aberlour Distillery and a I had little look around the visitor centre, all I bought was a glass pipette. I quite fancied checking out GlenAllachie, but it is closed on a Sunday. I’ll try again another time. And thankfully… (joke) Glenfarclas was closed too, or else I would have bought something (ha ha.)

I then decided to have a look at the Macallan Distillery. A bit too austere for my liking, shoot me down if you like, but I love the romance and history of some of the older distilleries… where sight and senses are used more than the latest tech. It felt like waking into a hotel reception. I do get why some call it la la land.

The nest stop was Rothes. A leisurely walk around the Glenrothes Distillery where the wind was gently blowing the scent of the sleeping casks around…bliss! I also visit the antique shop and was sold what I was told was a bookmark from Glenfiddich. I noticed small pink pieces behind the cellophane. It’s actually a bloody long book of matches.


The cover shows the process of making whisky, including the customs and excise man complete with a shotgun!!

Craigellachie was the final stop, a chance to go into the Craigellachie Hotel, Copper Dog bar for a coffee before heading home.

A Trip to Speyside…


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