That Boutique-y Whisky Company | Säntis 10 Year Old – Batch 1

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The Whisky

I actually have a bottle of this at home, I bought one late last year after reading Sorren’s review of it, you can find it here on his blog

So a lovely box of goodies arrived on Thursday evening… I say goodies I have only just tried the first one which is a Swiss Whisky from the distillery located in Appenzell. Bottled by That Boutique-y Whisky Company, time will tell if they all delight my senses!!

This is the Säntis 10 year old batch 1, 51.4% vol. and this is available from Master of Malt for £117.95.

The Säntis is a marriage of three casks; beer, Pinot Noir (wine), and bourbon.

My Thoughts

On the nose, initially it was almost a little spirity. Leaving it a while longer a hint of the wine cask starts to reveal itself… alongside dark sugar, then vanilla appears with a bit of sweet apple and spice. I got a teeny bit of raspberry and a drop of cherry too (cherry lips.)


The palate delivered quite a viscous mouthfeel. Oak tannins meet warming spices, and they rest easy against the vanilla and fruit. As you swallow it gives a nice warmth.

The finish is medium length with the wine / woody spices lingering.

I do like this. This was quite an interesting marriage of casks, not overly sweet and the oaky flavours are nice too.

Many thanks to Atom Brands et al. for the sample and opportunity to try this.


Available here: Master of Malt


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