Loch Lomond Whisky – Spirit of the Open

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Spirit of the Open – Loch Lomond Whisky

Imagine you are holding a tube of toothpaste, don’t squeeze too hard, just grasp it lightly with both hands…if you grip too hard it will spurt everywhere!! And that my friends is how to hold a golf club.

I’m a lapsed golfer but I jumped at the opportunity to dust off my driver and tee off for a Spirit of the Open tweet tasting with Loch Lomond Whisky and Steve Rush of the Whisky Wire.

My Review

The line up for the evening was as follows:

The Open Special Edition – Distillers Cut 46% vol.

Colin Montgomerie 25 Year Old – Triple Wood Matured 46.3% vol.

The Open Course – Royal Portrush 19 Year Old 53% vol.

Christie Kerr 2002 Vintage 48.1% vol.

Teeing off on the first hole was The Open Special Edition – Distillers Cut. Fresh, fruity and lots of sweet notes. Maybe a bit of zest too. The palate was a little viscous, plenty of spices and definitely some orange and vanilla.

And I’m in the rough… I found my ball as we had a look at Colin Montgomerie 25 Year Old – Triple Wood Matured. This delivered stewed apples, custard danish, a little cinnamon. Fragrant woody notes.

Next up was the Royal Portrush 19 Year Old 53% vol. Was my golf bag in the garage too long? This was almost a little dusty at the start (fleetingly so) then sweet fruits and berries. A touch of vanilla… on the palate, it was thick and chewy, just the way I like it!!  Spicy / peppery and some woody flavours. Warms the palate.

Heading for the 18th hole and a sip of Christie Kerr 2002 Vintage. Spicy but delicate too. Fruity and a bit zesty (like me), fruity, lovely, apples and spice, a nice mouthfeel/ful and oh bugger I’m in the bunker!

For me on the night, the Royal Portrush had me intrigued. I will definitely revisit this one soon.

Thanks to Steve Rush and Loch Lomond Whisky for this opportunity.








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