Inside the Bottle: Moments of Bliss

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Moments of Bliss

Breaking the seal on a new bottle? Me? I was a serial offender, but not so much now. I still do it occasionally…although I am now resisting temptation a lot more (and it is bloody hard sometimes.) Saying that, I did open a special one recently, and it was wonderful to enjoy it again…I do think it’s one for enjoying in good company.

Ooh…the thought and anticipation of that first sip..bliss!!

Sometimes I think I need to handle bottles with “whisky mittens” so I am unable to break that seal… (saying that I would no doubt use my mouth instead) but, some of the reasons I tend to open new bottles quickly after receiving them is about wanting to explore the contents. The way both the colour and nose can draw you in…. After all it is not all about the palate is it? To me it is the whole experience, the anticipation of what I might discover.

Anticipation can be quite a tease on the senses!! You can allow yourself to imagine what you will find inside, that delicious taste, and for that I am grateful that I am able to spoil myself to the odd bottle now and then.

I do love having something in my hand. The something / little dram to put the world right… or that puts me in a place that allows me to see the world in a better light (taking me away from it all.)

These moments of bliss can make you forget the experiences of day to day life. It can be wonderful to let yourself slip back to a time that gives you a memory hug…

This is important too. There are times when I have far (FAR) too much thinking time or generally just time on my hands (this must change), then my thoughts wander off to whisky. Yet doing this brings a moment of escape, add in some music and I am somewhere else, and I’m smiling. I need this!! and dare I say it a little something to go along with these thoughts – then it’s perfect!!

Sarah x



  1. Looking at whisky from a different angle, this is refreshing to see. There’s an open honesty in this piece.


    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Maybe have a look at some of the others I have posted called “Inside the Bottle”, you will find the reason behind the title in one of them, and maybe something else of interest to you.



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