Looking Back on 2018

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It’s Been a Funny Old Year

Real life was interesting, is that the right word? Maybe? I think I can scratch the first two worrying months and just thank those that kept my spirits up.

I’m not sure I mean funny ha ha to all of it either, but I’ve had some great opportunities this year on the whisky side of life, and I’ve relished the chance to travel and meet new people and spread the “joy of fudge”…well you would wouldn’t you?!! It’s at these times that I flourish because I’m being me. And that’s what I need!!

On the downside, I have to say though that there are some odd / nasty people out there. If I reach out and say hello, or perhaps ask you if you are so and so, don’t say “yes” and turn your back and just walk off, it really just makes you look rude! And no I won’t bother again. Plus the other bullshit that’s gone on, yes it was “dealt” with (so to speak) but it was oh so unnecessary…but (big BUT) at the end of the day, the good that happened, all the smiles and memories, well they far outweigh the bad!!

Good Times

Anyway…I could easily lose track of all the places I’ve visited, it’s all been planes, trains and automobiles!! yet if I look at my photo stream it reminds me of those times, from From Women in Whisky with Karen and Justine, the Ultimate Dramboree to coffee and whisky chat with a dear friend last week, and yes we chatted about whisky over coffee.

I actually worked out how many miles I travelled last year, I think it was 6,130, I reckon I have easily doubled that during 2018!! These travels included distillery visits too, I absolutely loved the ones I’ve had this year, from old favourites to new ones (Balvenie, Clydeside and Deanston) the last one being Auchentoshan and being the only person on the tour made it just right. The Balvenie though…that was just what the doctor ordered! I’ll be back!! I also had the opportunity of a delicious tasting in Manchester with Rob from Berry Bros. & Rudd.

While on these travels I’ve met some new people, and those that point at me and say “you’re the fudge lady!!”, keep doing it because that makes me happy and smiley.

Some of those I have met have become friends, and some I called friends have now become faces in crowds. Life is like that.

And me as well as others also had a wonderful year of tastings (thanks Steve), those evenings are both interesting, educational and fun! I’m sure if any of you follow my blog you’ll know the ones I’ve been so lucky to have been on, and I might have bought some new whisky because of them too.

Yet I finished the year on a high, well a high for me anyway, I launched a little online whisky fudge store. To everyone who bought my fudge this year, thanks you!! And I’m very grateful for the kicks up the bum and support that got me to this point!!

I must make mention of Dave’s tricorn and some alternative Boutique-y art!

Looking forward

So I await 2019, and for now I smile and remember the happy times from 2018, from selling fudge at festivals and online…for the support from Neil and Chris (Stoke), David and Jerome (Nickolls & Perks), Colin Dunn, Alex (Mackmyra), Adrian (Claxton’s), Graham and Iain (Glen Moray) and Eddie and Amanda (The Whisky Lounge), you all helped make a lot of things possible for me.

To the friends who remained friends, to those who became friends, and for myself it’s recalling the moments that matter. To those that took the time to stand and chat, sharing a laugh and keeping it real, that’s what it’s all about.

Anna, thank you for making me see things I couldn’t!!

Anyway, I’d better hush up soon though, however, I feel this thought from last year’s post is still relevant:

Just gotta remember we all have that one passion…whisky.

Whether you are fortunate enough to work in the industry or are just a humble bystander (like me), the common denominator is whisky.

What I’m saying is “embrace the moments that make you shine & smile” speak about your passion in whatever way feels right for you.

Speak honestly and openly.

Not all will agree, but someone somewhere will. We are all different, but in some situations the words just hit home…

What I’ll remember 2018 most for though is those of you that had my back, that stood beside me, that cared enough to listen, thank you.

See you in 2019!!

Sarah x



  1. Like the recap of your year, you had some great times or it seems that way!! Screw the idiots out there and keep doing whatever feels right.


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