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The Blended Whisky Company: XL Blend Batch 1

“The Blended Whisky Company uses artful blending to prove that a blended whisky can be greater than the sum of its parts. Starting with whiskies from the lost distilleries and continuing with whiskies from the golden age of whisky, The Blended Whisky Company has been recognised as having produced the world’s best Scotch blends by the World Whiskies Awards when these were released in 2014 and 2016 respectively.”

I received a sample of The Blended Whisky Company: XL Blend Batch 1 – 46.2% vol last week and I’ve finally had a chance to sit and try it.

This is what I thought:

Rich fruitcake on the nose initially. Old books and creaking leather…milk chocolate, pain au chocolat and a touch of spice. I do feel there’s some thick vanilla custard in there too. A pinch of nutmeg in there as well. Berries start to appear after it’s been left to open for a while. Then a whack of freshly tanned leather… ooh!

And the palate? Well it’s quite a mouthful, and I like that. Delicious woody flavours on the palate, and a lingering warmth after you swallow. Starts to taste quite nutty on the second sip. There’s a very slight wisp of smoke, and the oak brings with it some bitterness.

The finish is warming and relatively long. The woody flavours remain but does dry the palate

This whisky is a blend which contains whisky with an age statement of no less than 40 years, hence the XL, this is Speyside led with old grain and sherry cask matured whiskies.

People sometimes tut tut at XL… but sometimes you just have to go large 🙂

Coming soon!!

This will be priced at £548.95 and will available from the Master of Malt and The Blended Whisky Company

Thanks to Atom Brands for the sample.

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