A Little Treat from Jura

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Jura Whisky Sherry Cask Collection

Wednesday 5th December was going to be a hopefully lovely treat as we were about to sample the sherry cask collection from Jura…and I did/do love Jura. Yes I am the woman who has her Isle of Jura Distillery Registry certificate sat on her office “whisky wall”. It is dated 11th November 2010.

I also still kick myself that I didn’t take up the offer of doing tastings for them in my local pub to fellow Jura lovers… but that was then and this is now and they do say “everything happens for a reason…”!!

Anyway, back to the task in hand, the tasting. We were going to try the whiskies as follows:

The Sound

The Bay

The Road

The Loch

The Paps

The Tasting

So first of all the Sound, the is nose caramel, soft brown sugar, quite fragrant. Buttery biscuits/pastry. The palate feels quite thin… I like something I can get my teeth into. Caramel and vanilla and woody flavours. Some fruit too. There is nothing wrong with a “thin” whisky, just my preference is for something I can almost chew…

Next on to The Bay and this was fruitier on the nose then the Sound. Nip of spice, raisins. Quite fresh, and the palate was smooth… caramel. A lovely warmth as you swallow. Ginger, and a hint of cherry.

Now along The Road… A bit fruitier again. Hint of chocolate (a little bit), some raisin. Touch of spice. Caramel and some pepper on the tongue. Slightly waxy mouthfeel.

Along to the Loch… a lovely slight hint of smoke coming through…and caramel, I’m actually getting a hint of fudge. Buttery toffee. Still has a fresh outdoors scent too…

I spent a lot of my mid to late twenties / early thirties in the hills and glens of Scotland and a couple of the Isles too, there is a lovely peace you can find there, the stillness while sat atop a peak slightly drunk on the magnificence of the views…

The Loch palate had caramel and a slight saccharine taste, a pinch of pepper, some dark fruits. A hint of oak and ever so slightly drying…

Last up was The Paps and yes we are all aware of various meanings but to me they are hills / mountains… but, back to the whisky. On the nose, buttery pastry. Stewed fruits. Rich caramel hint… worn/warm leather. Dusty chocolate / chocolate powder.

The palate had nice smooth mouthfeel. Berries and a black coffee after sucking on a cherry tune. Twist of orange. Lovely caramel… a touch of wood too..

All that was left to say was thanks to Jura Whisky and Steve for the trip to Jura if only in my imagination… some interesting drams, it’s all a journey…

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