What’s New at Glen Moray?

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Glen Moray Tweet Tasting

Wednesday 28th November

Samples were open, whiskies poured and a group were gathered together for the Glen Moray tweet tasting.

Glen Moray has been distilled on the banks of the River Lossie since 1897 by a small dedicated team of craftsmen.

In over a century of distilling at Glen Moray, much has changed. However, the ingredients, processes and the skills of those responsible for producing this finest quality single malt whisky remain constant.

A small, friendly and informal distillery, Glen Moray is in the heart of Elgin, the historic capital of Speyside. The area around Elgin is known as the Laich of Moray.

I do like Glen Moray Distillery, it is not too far away from me and that’s a bonus as it means that I can pop up and visit when I want.

The first dram of the evening was the Elgin Classic Cabernet Cask Finish – 40% ABV I’m quite a fan of the Elgin Classic… On the nose: lovely rich fruity nose, berry like aromas. Rich sugar. A little orange maybe? The palate was spice and it is warming, nice wood spice flavours on the tongue too. Still notes of that yummy fruit that was on the nose…

The second dram of the evening was the Fired Oak – 10 year old – 40% ABV Glen Moray Fired Oak 10- Year-Old Single Malt Whisky which will soon be available to purchase. The nose was quite fragrant, thick caramel chews. Hints of vanilla. And the taste: bit of a chilli heat on the palate, not a lot of sweetness. Oak bitterness and it’s slightly drying…

We then moved on to the Bourbon Cask (BYO) 58.6% ABV this has quite a fresh nose, lovely light vanilla and a sweet creaminess to it. Wood notes again (I do like wood.) The palate was rich vanilla, lovely heat from the spice. I’m getting honey and a nice sweetness… which is well balanced with the spice.

Next we tried the 1998 Distillery Edition PX Finish 44.5% ABV my initial thought on nosing this was “ooh…this hits the spot!!” this was very much reminding me of something I had in a glass recently, a reminder of a gorgeous scent, it  had lovely rich fruit… old cigar tins which have lain empty for years. Treacle and a lovely dusty aroma… the palate was lovely too, I might even sit with this again this evening… this had a delicious mouthfeel. A rather nice bitterness of dark chocolate and black cherries… spice and wood and …I want!!

Last up was the Peated Cask Cabernet Sauvignon Cask Finish 58.7% ABV sweet and smoky with a slight medicinal hint. Sort of savlon. Newly tanned leather that creaks a little.. and on my palate, sweetness and smokiness… drying on the palate, and the warmth from the spices follow as you swallow…

I really enjoyed this tasting and I dare say there might be a purchase or two being made, huge amount of thanks to Steve and Graham for this opportunity to be part of this tasting.

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