What’s the Problem?

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Something is amiss…

So you might be asking yourself, what the hell does that mean? To put it succinctly…all is not equal in my opinion. I have even started to question myself as a person as a result of this (and I have had more than enough of that this last 18 months.)

What I am talking about is the thing we all love…whisky!

Now I don’t know about you, but I love the fact that there are so many variations, expressions, releases, call them what you will, of whiskies. That’s the wonderful thing about it, the variety.

Now wouldn’t you really enjoy visiting a stand at a show and having the opportunity to try something really special (by special, I mean a new release or a hidden gem), something not many others try, something from “under the table”? And not even asking for it, actually being offered something.*

Yep, me too.

I really do have to pluck up the courage to attend these events, I give myself a pep talk to make sure I have the confidence to go in and approach people, have a chat, try something exciting… but here’s the rub, the majority of times that just doesn’t happen!!

It really pisses me off royally that I have actually asked a brand ambassador if there was anything “special” on their stand at a festival, to be told “no, all the stock allocation went to Europe”, when in fact they did have something… (I’ll add allegedly.) I was even stood behind someone who asked for a bit more of it… then someone spotted me stood nearby and hushed the person up!! So thanks Paul John whisky, not that it matters eh?

I’ve had the same with Balvenie, I asked if there was anything different, and I was poured a Peat Week, while the gentleman who walked up alongside me was offered something “very special” as a bottle pops up from somewhere else… Glenfiddich on another occasion too, I asked if they had something left, and was I told “it was finished”. Then afterwards you find out they did have it. I’ll say allegedly to cover my arse… again. And they are not the only ones believe me, and I am sure I am not the only one that feel this way.

So come on, why the disparity? Are these events just for treating your mates or your best customers?


Is it because I’m shy? Is it because I am a woman? Don’t I ask the right questions? Have I missed the secret handshake email? Am I unworthy of your brand? Am I not a customer? Doesn’t my face fit? Don’t I matter??!!

Well believe me I do… (we all do.) Engage me in conversation, take me on, ask me questions to tease out my tastes, discover what my palate enjoys and let me have a sip of the past that leaves me wanting more in the present…

*There have been and probably will continue to be those who do actually give you something that will excite your senses, a treat, a chance to try something you’d probably not be able to try ordinarily, and that is fantastic, and well done to those who do that!! It’s those that appear to actively choose to treat individuals as if they don’t count that’s the problem.

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