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Monday 26th November

Tweet Tasting

We all gathered together to take part in the Walsh Whiskey tweet tasting. We were going to be trying the following whiskies:

Writers Tears Copper Pot – 40%

The Irishman Single Malt – 40%

The Irishman Founder’s Reserve Caribbean Rum Finish – 46%

Writers Tears Cask Strength – 53%

We tried them in the order as above, so first of all it was the Writers Tears Copper Pot. On the nose: lovely juicy apples and very floral. Vanilla is just lovely, soft and inviting. Gentle spices on the senses just balance the sweet notes. The palate: getting warming cinnamon on the palate plus a lovely woody flavour which tempers the sweetness I had on the nose.

Next, on to the single malt which was very floral on the nose. Slight hint of something zesty for a moment… delicate nip of spice. Soft vanilla. Very inviting, so what wouold the palate be like? There were flavours of malted biscuits and vanilla too. Still it’s sweet but thankfully not too sweet. Nice smooth palate.

The Irishman Founder’s Reserve Caribbean Rum Finish reminded me of some rum fudge I made last weekend … light brown sugar, nip of ginger / cinnamon. A slight freshness to this. Not as floral as the previous two. Mmm quite a mouthful… I’m not complaining. Fruity and spices too, kind of teasing your taste buds to water a little. Slight hints of bitter dark chocolate / oak flavours.

Last sample of the evening was Writers Tears Cask Strength had a slight hint of nail varnish remover (again, not a bad thing necessarily), soft fruity notes. Caramel. Cooked apples in the background, with an almost saccharine sweetness initially… lots of spice warming your throat as you swallow. Black tea bitterness.

Last treat of the evening was to try the chocolate which accompanied the samples we were sent, this was dark chocolate with The Irishman Founder’s Reserve whisky inside, a nice squidgy middle. This was tasted with the Irishman Founder’s Reserve Caribbean Rum Finish, the chocolate and whisky go well together the bitterness of the chocolate and fruity flavours of the whisky… but two pieces were enough for me!! I’m sharing the rest of the chocolate with others…

Thanks to Walsh Whiskey and Steve Rush for this opportunity (and the treats.)

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