Have You Been to a Whisky Festival Before…?

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Have you attended a festival before?

…this was a question that I was asked on Saturday, and I very much feel it was tongue in cheek… It must have been!! I got my own back with a “nah…but I have heard they’re crap!!”

I’m kidding, of course I am…if I was being serious then what in the name of hell was I doing in England??! Spreading the message of whisky fudge of course…

And it was the last one of the year again.. For those of you who do come back and read my blog, or those that know me then you will know that I do tend to travel around the UK attending festivals. Sometimes on that side of the table and more often on this side… this was a this side kinda day.

What did the day bring?

So, this festival was just one session and it was in a different venue to the previous two years, previously it was held in the Council House and this year the BCEC. No grandeur here… But it was all about the whisky after all, and hand delivering some whisky fudge…any excuse.

It was lovely to see some familiar faces and some unexpected faces too… always is. And that’s why I do it.

It was great seeing the familiar whisky lounge posse faces, then David and Wendy from Whiskey Tumblers… if you’ve not had a look at what they do, then try to. They make such lovely gifts for yourself or a loved one. Bumped into No Nonsense Whisky man Vin and had a brief chat and he also gave me a little badge… thanks again.

Who else? Ah yes, Alex from Mackmyra. Always nice to say hello to him. Really enjoyed my dram of the Fjällmark, this was distilled in casks that previously held cloudberry wine… kept meaning to try it in Manchester but ended up speaking to people en route and didn’t quite make it to their table.

It was nice to see Andy Purslow and hand over his whisky fudge order by hand. Joe Holmes was there… he said “I’m sure we’ve met before?” when he saw me coming in, and we had, I think it was at the Newcastle festival in 2017.

I heard something banging…what could it be? It was drawing me in… bang, bang, bang… bang! I managed to follow this sound to the Diageo table where I met the affable Colin Dunn and another familiar face of Sorren (ocdwhisky.)

Do you want to see my party trick?

I fought the urge to go down and audition for Britain’s Got Talent! ha ha… I mean who wants to see my party trick??!

It was lovely catching up with Martin and Anna of course…. great couple. Had a lovely Invergordon from Dean at Murray McDavid.

I spent time chatting to a few people about my fudge, which was fun and nice to do. It’s also lovely to hear people talk about it and overhear mentions of it… it’s these little moments that make me smile. It’s also nice to talk about other people’s talents, just giving others a spot in the limelight.

All too soon (there was only one session) it was time to say bye bye, hugs and bidding friends safe onward journeys it was time to go.

The next morning was kinda odd, caught up with people going to a comic-con. Super Mario and other characters first thing on a Sunday just had me giggling… then at the airport I was treated to a few drams in World Duty Free… yum yum!!

Boarding my plane I had just one question! Is it 2019 yet??

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