Whisky Advent 2018

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Whisky Advent Tweet Tasting

Ho ho ho! Santa is on his way… his sacks are bulging and if you’re listening #whiskysanta be a love and stick a lovely something in my stockings for me…

So, Monday night saw a group of elves and fairies sitting down to sample the following:

Starward New World Whisky – 43%

Brenne Cuvée Spéciale – 40%

TBWC Irish Single Malt – 46.8%

Kavalan Single Malt – 40%

Glenfarclas 105 – 60%

So first up was the Starward, and I will admit I was a little unsure about this. I had tried some Starward at the Whisky Exchange Show in 2017 and I didn’t quite enjoy it. rich caramel, very sweet. Think sweet cream. Sticky fruit jam. And a freshness to it. A slight hint of wood… and the taste? Ooh quite a nice mouthfeel. Lots of lovely caramel. Fruitella sweets, sweet but not too sweet. Dark black tea bitterness. I know when I was at Manchester I was speaking to someone about the Wine Cask Edition, and said it was really nice. So I might need to keep an eye out for that.

We then moved on to the Brenne. Quite an odd nose to start (my explanation of this quite  “odd” was like a sweaty cheese smell, and it was sour and a tad pungent (harking back to working on a deli counter in my younger years)) a light scent. Light brown sugar. Caramel. Slightly tart. A little spicy. It was sweet and light on the palate with a milk bottle kind of flavour alongside a little banana (kept thinking of that sour start.)

We then moved on to That Boutique-y Whisky Company Irish Single Malt no.1 Batch 3, this was 13 years old. I first tried this in March 2017, and I really enjoyed it. On the nose, there was freshly sliced apples and a kick of citrus. Fresh, fragrant and screaming “sip me”. A lovely sweetness on the nose. And on the palate…sweet. Lovely peppery kick just balances it nicely. Slight ginger warmth. Just lovely… My lovely horse.

Now off to Kavalan. This was 3 – 4 years old and matured in ex-bourbon barrels. soft powdery fragrance on the nose initially. Light caramel. Honey. Light vanilla. A hint of nail varnish in the air. On the palate, the whisky felt thin. Slight hint of plasticine. Not overly sweet. Oaky bitterness. Slightly waxiness on the palate. And not that pleasant to be honest.

Last up was Glenfarclas 105.

This took me back to a thought of my Mum’s fruitcake, when you opened the tin it was in to cut her a slice, rich fruity mixed spice Christmas cake (or Mum’s fruit cake.) A few almonds on top and a bit of a glaze from a apricot glaze to give it a shine. So that was probably rewinding 20 odd years….full on full mouthfeel. Lots of sherry soaked fruits and it’s rich. A lovely hint rich caramel and a mocha bitterness.

Just need a lovey cold night and a fireplace to enjoy this in front of…but maybe I was listening to the right song with a lovely thought on my mind, and I was thinking of something else…

Interesting tasting, it was a bit like the good, the bad and the ugly…

Thanks for the opportunity to sample these Steve and Drinks by the Dram.

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