Liquid Moments

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Inside the Bottle: Liquid Moments

Liquid moments, or the whisky inside the bottle. To me this fills me with joy, and expectation too. I spent last Saturday alone and I finally got my ever so modest whisky collection in order.

Yet to me this isn’t “just” a collection, this is part of my journey, this is a reference library of moments and memories. I recall lots of happy times when I hold a particular bottle of whisky in my hand, this can also be true of pouring one, or indeed having one sitting on my coffee table too. The moment that heavenly scent begins to reach your senses… oh that’s good. Is the nose the same as I recalled the first time? Has it changed? Just another 5 minutes till it opens up a little… bliss!!


I am one of life’s daydreamers. If you catch me with smile on my face and a far away look in my eyes, then I am off in a moment. Or if a smile creeps ever so gently across my lips… ditto.

I love the feeling those recollections give me, they snatch you from the here and now, and can take you to somewhere you hope to be, one day.

I have said it before that dreams can come true. Even daydreams…

These bottles on my shelves, yes even the empty ones, they all have a story of their own to tell. Some of them I bought because I really wanted to try them for curiosities sake, then we have the ones which were sampled on tastings and eventually you see one on t’internet and you buy it.

Then we have the ones bought on recommendation. I think these (and I just had a little smile to myself) do make quite a big appearance on my shelves, and not one of them has disappointed me to date… That’s buying in good faith I think, or probably it’s trust in another. I like that too.

Distillery own bottlings also make quite an appearance (okay, more and more often now) and again these play a part in the journey. One day I will open them all, because of late I have been quite reserved in my opening new bottles…who on earth would have seen that happening?!! Not me.

I also travel with my liquid moments, if you follow me on social media most of my travel drams are with me for a good reason, the memories they evoke. Security in a 3cl sample bottle at all times… ha ha ha.

I am going to digress for a moment, this is ever so loosely associated to this…

When I am quiet, which I am fully aware I have been recently, I hold my hands up and say “it all got a bit too much…” I am tired of taunts, point scoring and the general feeling that there are some that come with an agenda. Life is too short… grab happiness!!

But be in no doubt that when I am like that, that I will be sipping and drifting off to another time with glass of something special … to a time where I am happy and those recollections make me happier to be in, where there is kindness and hugs abound. Where I feel safe to speak my words, where I am heard, where I count.

…to feel like you matter is wonderful, and sometimes you have to tell people that too…!

So my bottles of whisky are part of my journey, my delicious moments of time captured Inside the Bottle, and the memories of them are safe within me…


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