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ElDorado Rum Tweet Tasting

Wednesday 21st November was a chance to sit down and sample some rum. These were from ElDorado Rum, who have over three centuries of expertise in the art of rum:

No other rum distillery in the world can boast of such a heritage. It is this which has enabled them to offer such a variety of high quality award-winning rums of differing age, style and character – a comprehensive range of over 20 distinct varieties.

It was also interesting to hear that they also operate the last two original wooden pot stills in the world, have a read about it here (click the words…) the Stills

So the tasting would take us through 5 different rums, the 3, 5, 12, 15 and 21 year olds. We sampled them in this order.

The 3 year old has a sweet nose with a hint of orange. Slightly sharp on the senses initially. The palate was quite spirity and a tad sharp again. Vanilla coming through now. Creamy sweetness appearing. Quite soft on the palate. Nice woody flavour too.

Moving on to the 5 year old, sweetness, and a hint of caramel (toffee) on the nose with lots of vanilla on the palate. Maybe cinder toffee and a teeny hint of treacle toffee too. Quite thin though.

We then tried the 12 year old. On the senses, toffee and vanilla. Slight hint of cola bubbles in the nose initially (if you drink it directly after pouring, if you get what I mean?? – that fizzy feeling up your nostrils as opposed to the taste) honey sweetness coming through too. Very sweet in the mouth, slightly saccharine (I don’t have an overly sweet tooth.) Slightly drying and wood flavours on the tongue.

What was next? Ah, yes the 15 year old. quite a hint of nail varnish remover initially! Then hints of orange and caramel. Slight hint of coffee (black) and a gently whack of leather and a sprinkling of spice. Quite inviting.

Mmm okay… quite a rich mouthfeel. Sticky fruit (raisin maybe) Very sweet again. Nice hints of vanilla.

Last rum of the evening was the 21 year old. The nose was quite rich, very fruity. A little hint of old books. A little coffee, and you could tell its age. The palate was nice, spicy and woody, very warming as you swallow. Hints of coffee (boozy coffee) and slab of fruit cake on the side.

This was such an interesting tasting, how the sweetness sat so well with people, and how I found them “too sweet”… I guess this shows we have different tolerances to certain tastes. It’s all good though. This is the way we learn…

Thanks to Steve, ElDorado Rum and Love Drinks for the opportunity.

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