Auchentoshan Distillery

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I recently had the opportunity to visit the Auchentoshan Distillery which is situated in Kilpatrick on the outskirts of Glasgow. Did I let the lousy rain dampen my spirits as I set off? Did I bollocks…

I booked myself on to a tour and before that I was invited to do my distillery bottling. So off I went… another first awaited me!! Yippee!!

So I had the opportunity to knock the bung out…then I used the valinch to extract the whisky from the cask… a few times. What a lovely thing to do on a wet day. Once my desired quota was filled, I was taken back to the visitor centre to label my bottle(s) and wait for the tour to start. This ended up being a tour for one with Craig leading me round the distillery…and I loved it.

We discussed some of the whisky regions and how Auchentoshan triple distil their whisky and what that gives to the whisky. I had an opportunity to see the mash tun in use and then the wash backs. Then on to the stills, and a little chance to dip my forefinger into some deliciously caramel new make spirit (81% abv)… yum yum!!

Spending some time in the warehouse looking at the sleeping casks, Bordeaux, Bourbon, PX and Oloroso… but he wouldn’t lock me in…

Again it was nice to see all aspects of the distillery in use (I think they were catching up on production.)

Then back to the tasting room for a sample of the Blood Oak and a tiny cocktail.

Then it was time to pack my whisky and head home… so happy I came as it’s one I’ve really wanted to visit for a few years now.

Sarah x


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