Trying a Few Drams from A D Rattray

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A D Rattray Tweet Tasting

Monday 10th September saw a group of whisky lovers embark upon a Twitter tasting with A D Rattray.

At A. D. Rattray, our dedication to whisky dates back to 1868, when our family began selecting and maturing Scotland’s best casks of single malt whisky.

The selected group were going to sample the following whiskies:

Bank Note 5 years old 43% ABV

Stronachie 10 years old 43% ABV

Cask Orkney 18 years old 46% ABV

Cask Islay 46% ABV

A D Rattray Cask Collection (Williamson) 6 years old 61.1% ABV

Bank Note. On the nose, lightly floral, vanilla and cooked (mushy) apple. The palate had quite a thin mouthfeel, but it is a young whisky. Vanilla, and some spices. Slightly bitter strong black tea taste.

Stronachie followed the Bank Note… a slight hint of pear drops and a little hint of nail polish (not a bad thing) and honey. The palate had a lovely sweetness, honey and a light caramel. Lovely warmth as you swallow…

We then moved onto the Cask Orkney which is an 18 year old whisky, on the nose lightly fruity, and a light sweet peatiness. A gentle sea breeze with a saltiness to it… then something someone else had mentioned, leather, but yes a lovely supple warm leather. I then noticed a lovely woody/oaky note which reminded me of something I like. This was almost a ‘base note’ of a lovely aftershave (something rugged but deep and enticing to the senses..)

The palate, this had a lovely mouthfeel and woody oaky spice, some slight pepper notes, some caramel and a lovely light nuttiness to it.

Next up was the Cask Islay at 46% I’m not 100% sure if this is a NAS? Maybe someone would be kind enough to enlighten me?

Cask Islay nose, more smokiness to this, the scent of sitting next to a bonfire (really have to find a willing participant for a midsummer’s night on a beach at Arisaig.)  Slight medicinal note. A little citrusy. And the palate? waxy mouthfeel. Very smoky but a lovely bitter taste..nice gentle warmth. Slight nutty flavour. Smoked nuts.

Last sample of the evening was the Cask Collection (Williamson) 6 years old 61.1% ABV and what did I think of this?

On the nose, there’s a hint of a tannery… and a tannery has a certain smell. Then through that I’m getting a caramel coffee note like a frappe latte (so strong black coffee and caramel – if you’ve had one of these they’ll you know the scent I mean.)

The palate caught me off guard… woah!! that smokiness (it’s been a long time) once you get past that there’s a custard sweetness with nutmeg. Definitely a bitter taste with a hint of wood and salt. Oily mouthfeel. But a sweetness follows.

I added that the Williamson ‘didn’t do it for me’, and this led onto a couple of side discussions, I will try it again and I am more than sure that many will love this.

My favourite of the evening has to be the Cask Orkney, the nose was changing a little and this drew me in.

Loads of thanks to A D Rattray for the samples and for Steve for organising this tasting.

If you have ever wondered what it is like to be part of a live tasting whether on Twitter or any other platform, you should try one.


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