Kamiki, Kamiki Intense and Kura

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Dekantā Tweet Tasting

Monday August 20th saw a group of tweet tasters gather together for a tweet tasting for Dekanta Whisky. We would be sampling three whiskies:

Kamiki – finished in Japanese Cedar – 48%

Kamiki Intense – 48%

Kura – 40%

The Kamiki nose, I getting a bit of a reminder of old St Bruno tins initially. I said I was unable to explain that on the tasting…this was a scent memory of tins of tobacco which were used for stamps and bits and bobs when I was a child. Therefore the scent of tobacco… also stewed apples. Quite fragrant really.

Palate wise, if I tweeted what I did write (save it for the blog*) lightly fragrant and sweet… definitely peppery on the finish.

*What I wrote was “ooh, that’s a bit different…it is almost like one of those sweeties that gives up a secret liquid center…(blame the mix of antibiotics and whisky folks!!) there is quite a light fragrant mouthfeel, then a thicker “middle” with a slightly warming mouthfeel.”

Next we tried the Kamiki Intense.

On the senses…quite earthy at the start (notes of peat…)  Now a scent of warm leather… and it is fragrant. Black pepper? The palate gave me black pepper and a slight smokiness (very slight), burnt sugar. Drying on the palate for sure! Quite woody… or as I put it “there’s a whole lot of glory in the Kamiki Intense…”

I kept wanting to write sandalwood too. I’ll explain later…

The last whisky for the evening was the Kura. Again quite an earthy scent. Slight woodiness on the nose too, and a slight smokiness coming through… and the palate: quite a light mouthfeel, slightly thin… normally I like something I can sink my teeth into. It’s not unpleasant though. Burnt sugar and a bitterness to it.

On the evening I’d have to say my favourites were the Kamiki Intense, Kamiki then the Kura… I was trying to work out why I was having trouble with describing some of the scents I was smelling. Let’s say it was like being in a Molton Brown store (or a perfumery where I once worked) having taken sample cards home and revisiting the scents later… earthy, peppery, sandalwood and reminders of warming notes.

Huge amount of thanks to Dekanta, Artisan Spirit Co and Steve for allowing me to be a part of this tasting.



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