Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix

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So I was rather lucky to have laid my hands on a bottle of Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix… Sometimes you wonder if you are that lucky, then things like this remind you that you are. And that reassurance is sometimes the tonic (whisky) you need.

My first thought of this was “damn… that’s good”. I first tried this earlier in the year, but decided to revisit it again this afternoon. So what’s the story with this much craved whisky? Well for starters, I can clearly remember the winter of 2010… cold and long. We were not used to minus 15/16 temperatures but we soon learned to cope… however not so far away the snow was causing a lot more mischief than was expected. From the Glenfiddich website:

“Extreme snow fall collapses some of our warehouse roofs exposing precious, maturing casks to the winter sky. Our warehousemen work around the clock in -19°C to save every one. As a tribute to them, our Malt Master creates Snow Phoenix. He marries the finest of the rescued casks to create a limited edition single malt. Born out of chance and adversity.

A limited edition release commemorating a moment of drama in our history.

Selecting and marrying the finest Oloroso and American oak casks from warehouses struck by heavy snow, our Malt Master created Snow Phoenix.

Creamy and vibrant on the nose, with honey and chocolate on the palate. And sherry notes mellowing into a long finish.

Created by chance, crafted by our expert”.

I’m not the best as describing the colour of a whisky, but it is a lovely light golden colour…

The nose is lovely light and floral, fresh too. Stewed apples and a little pinch of cinnamon. A tiny bit of aniseed (just a merest hint..) Muscovado sugar, and a hint of orange.

The palate gave some burnt sugar notes, and a juicy stewed apple flavour, again a pinch of cinnamon. There is some gentle caramel and vanilla with a touch of honey. A lovely oak bitterness on the back of my tongue. Maybe some chocolate… but ooh that’s good. A lovely luxuriant mouthfeel. 

The finish, well all I can say is it’s long, warm and reassuringly good. Just the way I like it!!

So yes, I feel lucky to have this, and spending some time with it this afternoon put a lovely smile on my face… and I needed that.

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  1. I’ve had my sights on one of these bottles for a while. Too much money for me. But this is making me want to keep looking.


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