GlenAllachie – An Introduction

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GlenAllachie Tweet Tasting

On Wednesday July 18th I had the pleasure of taking part in the GlenAllachie tweet tasting on Twitter… We were going to sample the first core range of single malt whiskies which were released in July. The range features a 10, 12, 18 and 25 years old, these are all natural colour, non-chill-filtered and bottled at a minimum of 46% abv.

The line up for the evening was:

10 year old Cask Strength Batch 1 – 57.1%

12 year old – 46%

18 year old – 46%

25 year old – 48%

The 10 year old, on the nose very fresh. Caramel/toffee, cooked apples. Hints of vanilla. Delicate floral scent. On the palate, hmm getting honey, plus lovely ginger flavours. Caramel and a lovely rich mouthfeel. Think I underestimated this on the actual tasting as I had the mother and father of all headaches…

Next up was the 12 year old.

A little pear, caramel and spices. Honey and a hint of ginger. Floral again.. then, some lovely thick gloopy custard just coming through. The palate delivered some burnt caramel. Pinch of cinnamon. Slightly oaky. Ginger. Honey.

We then moved onto the 18 year old. On the nose it was quite grassy… honey making an appearance again. Gently spiced. Maybe a hint of fudge.

The palate hmm that’s nice. Some bitter chocolate and spice. Quite a nice mouthfeel again. Maybe a touch of black cherry. Apparently I was missing my ‘nana receptors” on the evening… admittedly I do get a hint of banana now, a warm mushy one.

Last dram of the evening was the 25 year old, nail varnish initially (and as always, not a bad thing), some toffee and vanilla. Warm leather… and a slight hint of nuts. The palate, the mouthfeel had felt quite rich. Lovely sweetness. Rich fruitcake. And bitter mocha flavour.

Thanks to GlenAllachie and Steve for the samples and the opportunity to try these whiskies.

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