Ibiza Baby…

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…we’ll never know.

Perhaps I should ask what you call a woman who decides at the last minute to travel 500 plus miles for a whisky festival? Well the answer would be Sarah. Yes that’s what I did.. and the why? That’ll be because I can be spontaneous…and spontaneity is good,  and plus I fancied a day off the sofa. Good enough reasons in my book.

Anyhoo… I went to Brizzle. After making a very last minute decision at 4:15pm on the eve of the festival while sat in my car in the pouring rain. I mean I had no travel booked and not even a ticket.

Bristol Whisky Lounge Festival was held on April 28th, 2018 and it was held in Bristol City Hall. Bristol is a lovely thriving energy rich place, sadly it is a total arse to get to (see title above.) Basically it was Scotland, London, Ibiza, London, Bristol and then in reverse…

So I arrived and got myself in after tracking down the Whisky Boyz… Steve, Jon, Adrian, Keiran and Keiran’s Dad and the other half of my entry in. Yikes, I forget his name.

It was lovely to be greeted with a massive hug from Nicky and John (from Newcastle) who thought, like me that I wasn’t coming, all this while hearing “this lady came all the way from Scotland via Ibiza to get here!!” ha ha ha quality.

What a fab day… lots of lovely friendly faces who wanted to spend time chatting as well as seeing good friends.

I was invited along to the Mackmyra tasting which was led by Magnus Dandanell. Which was informative and interesting. Had a couple of cocktails too later in the evening. A lovely sample of the Glen Moray 30 year old from Murray McDavid, some fine Talisker drams from Colin & Sorren, a delicious Tomatin from Dave and a few other delights kept me and everyone else going…

It was great to catch up with Dave, Colin, Sorren, Alex, Eddie, Lawra, Chris (the Dram Team) too, Guy, Ru etc.

Again, it was over all too soon…time to bid farewell and head back “up the road” to my house.

Sarah x x

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