The Clydeside Distillery and National Whisky Festival – Glasgow

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I decided to breach the city limits and headed for Glasgow for the National Whisky Festival, and while I was down I also took in a tour of the recently opened Clydeside Distillery.

Not only was it an early start, it was also a bitterly cold day… Lots of beautiful snowy scenes around Perth and Stirling and I was in the best place to enjoy them, from the train. Oh and Glasgow…you could have put the heating on!

I took a taxi to the Clydeside Distillery and was immediately greeted by smiling faces from the staff there…it always makes such a difference when people are happy in what they are doing. I won’t give all the secrets away, as you really ought to go and have a visit yourself. All I can say is that it is informative, from the history of the docks themselves right through to today’s production. I even spotted a fallen angel’s halo on the wall.

I had to duck out during the tasting at the end (sorry about that) as I had to make my way over to SWG3 and upon discovering the footbridge was as icy as hell, I reluctantly took a taxi (it was not at all far – but it’s the bruised bits vs. safe and sound.)

Glass and programme in hand it was time to find some warmth. Which I did eventually… It was nice to see some familiar faces and some new ones too.

Started the afternoon saying hello to Alex from Mackmyra whose jacket I would have happily nicked! Did I say it was cold? I then spotted Paul from Spey Whisky, shortly followed by Iain and Emma from Glen Moray. It was nice catching up with Dean from Murray McDavid too and Blair Bowman. Had a few nice drams while doing the rounds, had some Hive from Wemyss Malts. Some rather yummy Glen Moray 30 year old from Murray McDavid 🙂 and the 1994 Sherry Cask Finish from Glen Moray. I also tried the Fraiser liqueur which was a bit too sweet for me, but nice to try all the same. I quite enjoyed the Douglas Laing single grain Strathclyde 20 year old.

I also managed to track down Fiona and had a nice little chat with her too.

Then it was time to head back up the road. Yesterday wasn’t so much about new whiskies, it was about something else…

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