Glenfarclas 15 Year Old

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Glenfarclas Advent Calendar: Day 6

Hmm a delight for day 6 in the shape of the 15 year old. I have to say this is a delicious favourite of mine. And rightly so.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the distillery a couple of times now. It’s only an hour or so away. And it’s nice to be there knowing the whiskies they produce are fantastically good. You never know maybe Whisky Santa will make one of my dreams come true… anyway I digress. Onto the sample…

The nose is gentle spices and sweetness. It’s delicate and inviting. It’s hints of sherry and succulence. There’re sprinkles of cinnamon and butterscotch too and it’s delicious. The palate is rich and full of spice. Sherry flavours tease the palate and the richness meets malt and oak.

Well done day 6. You made me smile 🙂

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