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Thursday 16th November was the Dram Team tasting night…yippee! I do like these lovely boxes which come to my door every month, yes I pay for them but still a little treat is good on a regular basis, isn’t it?

I will quite from on of the cards in the box last month “In his debut book, The Great Drams of Scotland, Dram Team founder Greg Dillon takes you on a spirited journey through the history of the brands that have built whisky”. And this was to be a small liquid preview of just that…

Inside the box are five 25ml samples and always a sixth.. the teaser dram at 10ml and just enough to send you into heaven with a want to get your hands on that delicious whisky. Yes, I have been there and finally tracked the bottle down. Be warned 🙂

So without further ado…

We were starting off the evening with the sixth dram which was the Kininvie – 23 Years Old, Batch 3. This was matured in a combination of sherry and bourbon casks – 42.6% vol. The nose soft and sweet… delicate peach and very fragrant (think I should have poured it sooner.) I then kind of got some baked apples and soft spices. The palate was quite dry. A little dark chocolate but getting some wood (woody notes) and it’s quite juicy. Hints of apple still there…

Next was the Famous Grouse, aged 16 years (Blended Scotch Whisky) The nose was honey and pears and a little vanilla. A little spice just nibbling my senses. I just felt it needs a bit more “oomph”.. though some toffee and caramel were making an appearance now. Its palate had a smooth mouthful and really quiet pleasant on the tongue…caramel and sweetness with some gentle spices warming your mouth. It just feels a bit thin.  I like something I can get my teeth into (as it were.) Pepper warmth coming through. But the finish was nice.

We then went onto the Glenfiddich 18 year old, lovely sugar richness, juicy with a lovely freshness. Stewed apples and spice on the nose – yum! On the palate lovely oak flavours and some delicious fruit. Very rich and a slight bitterness. I liked this 🙂

The last one of the tasting was Wemyss Malts – Peat Chimney the nose was like sitting round a smouldering camp fire. A slight saltiness on the nose with a lovely amount of sweetness. Smells fragrant. Maybe a little hit of leather, it’s not an in your face peat. Though the palate may tell me otherwise…quite smoky but not too pungent (can I say that? (yes, apparently I could (just say it as it is Sarah!!))) It does go nicely with Treacle Chest fudge balances the smoke a treat…

The remaining two drams are to be enjoyed at a later time, the Laphroaig 10 year old and the Ardmore Legacy.

Thanks to Greg for taking us on this little journey, and of course The Dram Team – if you haven’t had a box from them…give yourself a shake and get one 🙂

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