Dewar’s of Aberfeldy Distillery – Tweet Tasting

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Wednesday 22nd November, the Dewar’s of Aberfeldy Tweet tasting was finally here. I think there was a whole lot of us eager to take part in this evening, and we were all waiting with excitement as to what delicious drams we were going to try…

This evening we were going to sample three whiskies firstly the 12 year old, then the 2001 single cask #21444 and finishing with the 1999 single cask #5.

The 12 year old – Nose, this had a lovely soft fragrant nose. Honey, caramel and a little orange with delightful delicate spices, then lovely vanilla with a slight creamy sugar. The spice is showing itself more now. And then a little fudge. This was new to me (the whisky and I really was enjoying the flavours.)

The palate had a lovely smooth feeling on mouth. Getting some lovely oak flavours. Rich caramel and vanilla and that hint of orange and the gentle warmth of the spices….yum! And the finish was lovely, loving that spice just warming the throat as you savour the remaining flavours on the mouth.

We then moved onto the 2001, cask #21444 The nose… hmm wood and a slight hint of leather a lovely nip of spice. Soft wisps of vanilla too, a little orange. It’s a bit like the scent you get opening an old book but the spice is more spicy now with lovely vanilla. The palate woah mamma! Spicy! I was a little chilly earlier, not now. Delicious fruit. Burnt sugar and some orange again. Warming the palate deliciously. Its finish hmmm I like this. Creamy goodness and probably custard (before the national shortage). Maybe a little custard danish. A little drying but different, in a good way.

And the last sure to be delight of the evening the 1999 single cask #5. I was quite sure that this was to be another delicious delectable treat. How did it go? Hmm ginger, caramel and sweet spiced fruit cake. Vanilla smells nice with a touch of treacle…The palate delivered a nice rich mouthfeel which was quite viscous. Good bitter dark chocolate…a sumptuous taste. Rich mixture of fruits (cake mixture) still getting the vanilla. What a finish, the fruit remains and there’s a delicious oak again. Just delighting the palate. Slightly dry but nonetheless good.

And my verdict? I loved cask #5 and well they’re all fab to be honest. A great start to my journey into I really must go and visit.

Many thanks to Steve and Gary and Dewar’s of Aberfeldy for a wonderful tasting and of course to everyone else online that evening 🙂




Slàinte, Sarah 🙂

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