Inside the Bottle: Taste(s)

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If any of you have read my past posts, then you will have noted that I have previously touched on taste(s) and how they can change…

I used to be a teeny bit of a peat freak, but apart from the odd one or two I still like them I guess,  but my tastes have changed. Or perhaps it is more likely that my palate has developed to enjoy something different? Something slightly more pleasing to my palate, maybe a little smoke but definitley more on the sherry cask side of things. 

This has all been quite an interesting journey. The fact that we all have our own senses and tastes and ways of describing what we have in our hands. And with encouragement doing just that. Is there really a right and wrong way? Is it right that some may lambast others for trying something they wouldn’t normally or perhaps question what they describe? That’s probably a no right there.

It’s all a journey of trial and error if error is the right word… it’s about enjoying the moments. It’s about having the courage to just say what’s on your mind. And hoping that someone somewhere senses something akin to you. Then I guess it’s a confirmation of sorts that you’re on the right tracks…. perhaps?


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