Wemyss Malts Tweet Tasting

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On Wednesday 25th October I had the opportunity along with some friends on Twitter to try some whiskies from Wemyss Malts.

Note to the reader: if you have the opportunity to take part, then do ensure your # is correct…this should have been called “oh hell, my ‘S’ fell off”.

This tasting was to include a wee Old Fashioned as the finale. So with orange peel, brown sugar, Angostura Bitters and ice at the ready it was time to start, having already chilled the bottle overnight.

The night’s first sample was the Vanilla Burst. The spirit coming from two Speyside Distilleries who are valued by blenders for their soft delicate fruit flavours. The nose very fresh and a bit grassy. Then you get fudge and a bit of cream and butter. The palate delivered spice and nice hint of vanilla. Lovely hint of wood and caramel sweetness. Some orange or lemon, but probably more towards lemon as there was a slight bitterness to it. This coupled with delicious oak. A lovely finish.

The next whisky was Treacle Chest. This comes from the selection of spirit from two Highland Distilleries.  This gives us a whisky from first fill ex-sherry casks.

It’s nice and full on the nose with a whack of leather. There’s dark sugar. A hint of pine? Then I’m getting some woody notes again. This was really drawing me in. There is a slight savoury note, but the sweetness pushes it back.

This was an intriguing dram, just delicious to sit and nose. A fragrant leather / tobacco coming through now as it was opening up. A very fleeting flurry of pine…

The palate is as not as thick as I imagined it would feel in the mouth. It’s nice though. But then, lovely rich fruit and bitter chocolate and a hint of oak again. The finish was delicious.

We then moved on to Spice King. Tudor (I could climb a mountain) smoky bacon crisps meets sweet spices, with maybe a hint of orange again. The palate revealed bitter chocolate. A lovely warming spice and then a slightly, and I mean ever so slightly medicinal scent like a whiff of savlon, then it’s gone.

Then onto the finale which was the Spice King Old Fashioned. Sadly some didn’t manage to try this due to breakages but I believe they’ll have the opportunity soon.

The pour included:

50ml Spice King

15ml Brown Sugar

2 – 3 Drops of Angostura Bitters

Orange peel to garnish

Ice and a glass.

This really was fresh and refreshing and the perfect end to a delicious tasting.

Huge amount of thanks to Steve Rush and Wemyss Malts for this delicious opportunity, and everyone else too for the fun banter!


Sarah 🙂


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