Spirit of Speyside 2017 Tweet Tasting

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The 12th July saw us taking part in the Spirit of Speyside 2017 tweet tasting on Twitter #Dram17

This is my long overdue review…but it’s here at last.

Although Speyside is very close to me I must admit I’ve never been to the Spirit of Speyside festival, this is something I’d like to rectify in the future. I have however had the pleasure of visiting all but two of the distilleries we were about to sample whiskies from, so I knew I was in for a treat.

The first sample of the evening was the Aberlour A’bunadh a delightful whisky. I think one that raises a lot of questions over which batch is best…but hey, what is life without some polite and honest discussion?

The nose gave delicious sherry, spice and sweet deliciousness. Lovely sweet fruits and maybe a hint of fudge (this led to some exploration for me.)

Palate was delicious too, with spice and touches of vanilla, cinnamon and honey. A delicious robust dram. 

We then moved onto the Tamdhu Batch Strength 002. Having tried this one earlier in the year I again got that bread scent on the nose, this was mixed with cinnamon and spice. I was getting some nuts covered in caramel with a touch of vanilla to round off this sumptuous offering. A lovely rich palate with a hint of pepper and the oak that came through gave this a wonderful taste. Deliciously slightly tingly (spicy) but warm finish which mingles with the vanilla.

Cragganmore was our next dram. This was the 2004 Distillers Edition.

The nose is floral and creamy with a hint of nail polish remover. A light almost watery mouthfeel with this sample. This has a gentle a smokiness with a good amount of sweetness. Not sure if I was getting white pepper too? This had a light smoky finish.

We then moved back to Aberlour for the 12 year old. Again a lovely fresh nose. Juicy apples, vanilla and softly fragranced. Perhaps a little chocolate too. Most inviting. Lovely smooth palate with a good amount of spice. Dark chocolate and spices again. A little nutty.

With finish was delicious with the spices giving some warmth while the dark chocolate remains.

 The Glenlivet 18 year old was next. Initially a slight hint of sulphur, yet once it had opened a fruity freshness began to develop with some sweet spices. This accompanied with vanilla, floral notes and toffee. The palate delivered sweet vanilla fudge, bitter chocolate laced with wisps of caramel and a slight creaminess.

The last dram was now upon us and this was the Glenfiddich 15 year old. I’m taking note to hopefully go back and visit next year again. This has a lovely sticky, caramel nose. Some milk chocolate and vanilla with a drizzle of honey.
The palate was sweet, yet not. It offered cinnamon and spice and lovely wood noted with a delicious mouth feel.

So a wonderful evening of delicious whisky from a stunning area of Scotland. An evening spent with friends too. That’s never a bad thing.

Huge amount of thanks to Steve and the distilleries for this delicious and delightful tasting.



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