Happy 5th Birthday That Boutique-y Whisky Company

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A few weeks ago whilst having a five minute break from my computer at work I saw that it the fifth birthday for That Boutique-y Whisky Company and what is more we could send a card / message to celebrate this fantastic event. Those that did were then invited to join in a birthday tweet tasting. How utterly fab!

Dave Worthington aka the guv’nor was guiding us through the tasting last Wednesday night while all 21 of us enjoyed five wonderful delights from That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

The first dram of the evening was the 7 year old Speyburn batch 1 – 49.5% I was welcomed with a deliciously fresh and fragrant grassy nose. A little cream soda and vanilla enticing me to have a sip… the palate didn’t fail with zesty orange and delicious vanilla accompanied by nibbles of a malted milk biscuit. The spices that appear are not off putting, they’re lovely and give this a yummy finish with some creaminess remaining.

Next up was the Irish Single Malt Batch 1, this is 14 years old at 48.6% – I’ve not had a lot of Irish whiskey so this was a welcome treat. You get an inviting soft fruity type nose with a delicate hint of Sherry and Mr. Toms nuts (in case I need to explain…this is a bar of nuts covered in sticky caramel. And not some weird fetish.) It’s quite a delicious nose. The palate gives you a yummy bitter mocha flavour with fruit sitting alongside it. Leather and some dark sugar too. The finish is smooth and creamy with toffee and the fruit remains on the palate too.

I guess I should add that I love the cards that accompanied this tasting from the ever so talented Emily Chappell.

The nose on the Blended Scotch #3 Batch 1 which is a 23 year old was immediately inviting with a delicious full richness and wood. I love the scent of wood.. and maybe a bit musky. Toffee too and maybe a hint of leather. It was definitely drawing me in. And as it was left to open orange came oozing out. The palate is full with Leibniz dark chocolate biscuits which came through on the finish with a satisfying finish.

We then moved on to the Invergordon which is a single grain whisky and it’s 43 lovely years old. A lovely nose with a little acetone and this is in no way a bad thing. There’s caramel and sticky toffee. I get the cloves which reminds me of having a poorly tooth as a child. There’s a little wood too. The palate is smooth but big! Vanilla and mocha it’s both sweet and full and reassuringly good. I like this…I’m just having another sip and I’m smiling.

And as the balloons were being popped and party bags were being readied we moved on to the last dram of the night The Macallan 29 year old – 43.5%

As the postcard has “hmmm…curious” written on it, I must say I tend to agree. I think I’m perhaps missing something vital with Macallan.

Time will tell. Maybe I’ve just not tried the right one…yet.

Anyway, back to the dram. I’m getting liquorice comfits on the nose – anyone who lived the 70’s will remember torpedos. This in turn gives me some mint and cake with jam. Maybe even a breakfast bar – think Kellogg’s sticky strawberry/fruit kind of thing. The dryness of the palate mingles with some maltiness which follows through on the finish.

I think my delights of the evening have to be the Invergordon, then the Irish / Blended Scotch whisky jostling for second and third position.

So a huge hug of thanks to Dave and That Boutique-y Whisky Company for the samples and inviting me to the partaaaay! It was a blast!

And it was nice to be in such amiable and fun company too…now where’s the blindfold, I think there’s a donkey needs his tail pinning back on…oh and the pizza was coming!

Sarah 🙂 x


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